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Al has been in the residential real estate industry for the past 15 years. As an investor, a licensed real estate agent, and a mortgage loan originator he has gained extensive knowledge of the industry. He recently decided to pursue a career in government services. To that end, he has completed his master's degree in public administration. Above all, he enjoys writing as leisurely side gig.
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Al has experience in writing blogs on most subject matters. He is also an experienced speech writer, proofreader, and editor.


Rutgers University

Al is working on his Master of Public Administration and will graduate at the end of this school year. His current GPA is 3.9.


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Al earned his master's degree in public administration, and he has written many papers on various government-related topics over the past few years. He possess a vast knowledge of the inner workings of government organizations, government policies and procedures, and politics. His preferred choices of assignments are articles, essays and blogs.

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Al has been writing blogs for online content mills for nearly five years. He is a proficient writer, editor, and proofreader. He has written for dozens of clients in many different industries.

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