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Fair Pricing. 
All star performance.

We wrote the book on pricing writing
services. Literally.

Pricing aligned with content quality. Delight guaranteed!

Fair Pricing

Explore pricing rates for writers, editors, content strategists and translators.

Star Ratings

Learn how we align your quality expectations with star ratings by removing the guesswork.

Delight Guaranteed

If you're not completely satisfied for any reason with any product you purchase after a revision, you get a refund. Period.

Fair pricing. Quality alignment.

More stars. More experience.

Meticulous editors

- 1-2 Years pro experience
- Proofreading expertise
- Spelling and grammar basics
- Punctuation basics

- 2-5 Years pro experience
- Core editing skills
- Style checking
- Link checking
- Track changes documents on request

- 5+ Years pro experience
- Work on lengthy or complex subject matter
- Has familiarity with technical jargon
- Capable of full passage rewriting
- Fact checking, on request

- 10+ Years pro experience
- Deep industry expertise
- Meaning and/or Syntax recommendations
- Clarity and flow improvements
- Motivation and conversion advice

Heroic writers

- 1-2 Years pro experience
- Clear, well organized
- Topic research savvy

- 2-5 Years pro experience
- Some industry expertise
- Intelligent word choice
- More polished feel

- 5-10 Years pro experience
- Creativity and precision
- Robust, vivid word choice
- Deeper expertise and savvy

- 10+ Years pro experience
- Mastery of concepts
- Sophisticated language
- Deepest topic knowledge
- Passionate tone and style
- Snap, crackle and pop 

Global translators

- 1-2 Years pro experience
- Native-speaking credentials
- Tested and proven skills
- Spelling and grammar accuracy
- Basic style alignment

- 2-5 Years pro experience
- Client/agency endorsements
- Grasp multiple languages

- 5-10+ Years pro experience
- Credible certifications
- Culture nuance aptitude
- Tone and style alignment

- 10+ Years pro experience
- Top ranked certifications
- Can work on lengthy or complex
subject matter
- Has familiarity with technical jargon

Content strategists

- 1-2 Years of pro experience
- Verified references
- Image research savvy
- Performance software savvy
- Select products delivered

- 2-5 Years of pro experience
- Keyword research expertise
- Content strategy certification
- Customer journey mapping
- Audience persona development
- Content optimization
- Editoring/proofreading feedback
- Performance analytics reporting
- Select products delivered

- 5-10 Years of pro experience
- Core content planning skills
- Core analytics savvy
- Deeper industry expertise
- WriterAccess platform expertise
- Topic research speciality
- Expert interviews
- Workflow management
- All strategy products

- 10+ Years of pro experience
- Advanced content planning skills
- Advanced analytics savvy
- Deep industry knowlege
- Performance management

More stars. More peace of mind.

Look under the hood. How star ratings work.


Initial stars.


  • Application Review
  • Sample/Portfolio Review
  • Online Test Scores
  • Social Clout
  • Verified Endorsements
  • US Residency Confirmed


All of our freelancers are reviewed, tested and initially star rated. We invite only the best of the best. Our algorithm then kicks in to adjust star ratings based on customer reviews and performance. Smart stuff.

Rising stars ratings.
Performance driven.


  • Customer Reviews
  • Endorsements
  • Revision Requests
  • Timely Delivery
  • Editors Blind Star Ratings


Our performance algorithm tracks lots of data points for each order they write. Customer reviews have the biggest "weight" for improving star ratings, surfacing the best writers to the top.

Falling stars.
Quality protection.


  • Customer Reviews
  • Dropped Orders
  • Refund Requests
  • Communication Alerts
  • Editor Blind Ratings


Our algorithm, combined with scoring, surfaces the bad apples right away, backed with performance reports, editor ratings and customer reviews. 

Rating reviews.
Pay rate adjustments.


  • Customer Reviews
  • Editors Blind Ratings
  • Ruleset Adherence
  • Core Values Alignment
  • Communication Review
  • Business Impact Assessement


Our talent proves themselves. When writers hit a rating threshold, we review their performance, work and communication. Then we add or remove a star based on data and feedback. 

Shoot for the stars. Download the book.