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Cassia's copywriting experience has varied widely, from the creation of compelling content for a regional audio/visual business promotional pamphlet to website material for a Mixed Martial Arts gymnasium and coach. She has had the opportunity to edit promotional commercial scripts as well as business proposals/bids for a marketing company with international clients. Cassia has written copy for legal documents, edited resumes, and has produced her own work.

From her college major in communication through positions in public service, customer relations and client/professional relationships, Cassia has been able to fine-tune her writing philosophy. Cassia believes that writing, as with any type of communication, involves an emotional connection. It is something that she understands, appreciates and respects.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Cassia spent seven years working as a paralegal and legal assistant for partner attorneys in law firms that specialized in insurance defense. During her time there, Cassia was responsible for communication to clients, attorneys and judges. After proving her writing and editing abilities, she was tasked with creating official legal documents, including Responses, Motions and proposed Orders.


Cassia has worked with several different companies on their marketing materials. She was the sole copy creator for Southern Sound, Inc.'s marketing pamphlet/proposal for Florida area World of Beer franchise locations. She also participated in both copy creation and editing of revamped promotional materials for ClearpH, a design and branding company that was interested in increasing their athlete branding client base.


Cassia was given the opportunity to build and refine a mission statement for a marketing/design business. She was tasked with creating both an extended statement, which would specify not only the goals of the business, but also the spirit behind the owner, and also a simple, one-line statement that concisely defined the company.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Cassia was commissioned to write copy for television commercial scripts being offered to Florida eating institution Ker's WingHouse. She was tasked with cultivating a fresh take on the classic WingHouse slogan, "Need we say more?" Eventually she provided the client with a trio of cohesive commercial scripts, each highlighting a different selling point of the restaurant. Cassia also provided the script for app KnowSee's advertising.

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