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Maggie has written over 500 articles for websites and blogs. Her wide variety of articles has been published on U.S.- and U.K-based sites. She is a prolific writer who is unafraid of big projects or short deadlines.

As a former technical writer, Maggie learned that it is impossible to write anything until she first understands the process or concept fully. Therefore, she is a meticulous researcher. Clients will not find "fluff" in her articles, nor will they find inaccurate information.

In addition to writing SEO content that allows search engines to find your website, Maggie also specializes in highly "clickable" copywriting. She understands how to write web copy so that customers will take action.


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Leigh H's Pets Industry Experience

7 Projects Completed

Maggie's largest pet project was writing the search engine optimized (SEO) text for a local boutique kennel; however, she has written other articles about horses and dogs. Puppy training is an area of particular interest since a well-trained puppy leads a happy and healthy life.

Industry Projects

  • Home Living50+
  • Real Estate50+
  • Politics20+
  • Fitness20+
  • Kids/Family20+
  • Nutrition20+
  • Consumer Goods10+
  • Education10+
  • Fashion9
  • Women9
  • Entertainment8
  • Pets7
  • Health6
  • Utilities5
  • Travel4
  • Marketing2
  • Craft1

Summary of Industry Experience

Home Living

Many of Maggie's home-living articles involve decorating or updating parts of the home. Other articles focus on money-saving ideas that help families make the most of each dollar. Still other articles explore ways that families can actively work towards having the tight-knit bond that leads to long-term happiness.

Real Estate

Maggie writes about several areas that affect real estate, including mortgages, remodeling, home staging, and moving. Maggie spent 20 years moving around the country every two years when she was a military spouse, giving her an insider's approach? to this multi-faceted business sector.


Maggie leads a team of writers who provide high "click through rate" titles and associated articles for a conservative blogger. Maggie finds writing these articles to be fun and educational. While her titles may be sensational, her articles are well researched. She is confident that while the titles have a conservative slant, the articles offer valuable information to readers.


Since she enjoys running and occasional lifting, Maggie loves writing about health and fitness. Writing about fitness gives Maggie an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of trends. More importantly, she learns new techniques for avoiding injury while getting the most from exercise.


Maggie was a full-time parent for 17 years, making family-focused articles a perfect fit for her own life experience. She's written many articles on family life. Some are practical, such as how to pack a diaper bag and some are pure fun, such as how to have a backyard campout.


Maggie has long been interested in nutrition, but that interest has only grown as she learns more important information from her nutritionist daughter. Maggie writes primarily about food that works well in vegan and gluten-free lifestyles. Perhaps her biggest passion, however, is the one food that gives her the most trouble: sugar. Since knowledge is power, Maggie loves learning and writing about how sugar hurts our bodies.

Consumer Goods

Maggie has written about several categories of consumer goods. She has worked in and written about consumer goods as they relate to fashion. However, about half of these articles concern mobile phones, cars, and insurance.


Maggie is a certified professional educator with years of experience teaching English at community colleges. Most of her writing in this industry has involved private schools and colleges.


Maggie works in an upscale women's clothing boutique when she isn't writing or teaching. Insider knowledge of the fashion industry makes Maggie an ideal choice for fashion-related articles.


Although she has only written a few articles about women, Maggie is very interested in how women can make the most of their busy lives. As an English professor, Maggie is also well versed in the feminist lens of literary criticism and can use this skill to address serious feminist issues.


Maggie write about the entertainment industry when customers approach her with ideas. She enjoys learning about industry trends even though she leads a fairly quiet life, preferring books to celebrity gossip.


Maggie's largest pet project was writing the search engine optimized (SEO) text for a local boutique kennel; however, she has written other articles about horses and dogs. Puppy training is an area of particular interest since a well-trained puppy leads a happy and healthy life.


Maggie is very interested in health and fitness. Her daughter is a vegan, her father has celiac disease (gluten intolerance), and she battles her weight. These lifestyle issues ensure that Maggie constantly learns new ways to keep her family healthy.


Maggie has written several articles about how to save money on utilities. She has also addressed alternate forms of energy generation, such as how and in which parts of the country individual wind turbines can save UK homeowners money.


Maggie has traveled through most of the United States as well as parts of both Eastern and Western Europe. Her favorite travel topic is Hawaii since she lived there for four years.


Maggie wants to take her writing to the next level with marketing-centered copywriting. To this end, she has written the entire search engine optimized (SEO) website text for a local boutique kennel. She is also committed to writing more marketing articles like the one she published on using Twitter to grow one's business.


Maggie is an expert seamstress with an emphasis on handmade elegance, such as fine embroidery, ribbon embroidery, smocking, and the like. Although she has not written extensively on this subject, Maggie would welcome the opportunity to work in this niche.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Web Page20+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Most of Maggie's work has involved ghostwriting blog posts for a variety of customers. She is comfortable in many industries, such as home renovation, nutrition, saving money, real estate, law, and many more. Maggie's own blog contains musings about the Florida panhandle, a region that will feature prominently in her upcoming novel.

Web Page

Maggie wrote the entire SEO optimized text for a local boutique kennel. In addition, she has written many landing pages for a variety of businesses, such as landscapers, contractors, schools, realtors, and many more.

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