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Karen has 19 years of experience with non-profit fundraising: door to door canvass, phone center, and direct mail. She wrote and edited a quarterly newsletter on utility ratemaking issues with 5000 recipients. She has written multiple fundraising scripts for phone fundraising for political campaigns, public television, disaster relief, and customer advocacy. She spent 13 years working on Oregon utility rate making issues and writing about it in layman's terms. She also moderates a fashion model tumblr recommended by French Vogue.
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Karen writes articles, editorials, and rants. She excels in making complex issues readable for the layman.


Karen loves TV crime procedurals, the more formulaic the better. She also enjoys pointing out the many problematic elements of TV crime procedurals. She's a lifelong reader of murder mysteries. She firmly believes the internet is for cats, as does her cat. She dreams of one day coming in higher than 7th in her fantasy baseball league.


College of William and Mary

Karen graduated cum laude.


11 Projects Completed

Karen has 13 years experience writing for a residential customer advocacy organization. She wrote about complex rule making and tax issues for the members of the organization.

Non Profit

10 Projects Completed

Karen has 19 years of non-profit fundraising experience. She written fundraising scripts for phone calling, for door to door canvassing, and for direct mail.


2 Projects Completed

Karen has written for advocacy campaigns for women's choice. She has also written for political campaigns of women running for federal offices.


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