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James has worked with many clients over the last 3 years, including lawyers, doctors, and small business owners. His education provided him with a solid grounding in subjects like technology, politics, finance, and foreign culture, while his independent studies have taken him into geography, history, and numerous other fields.

This knowledge has helped him throughout his career, allowing him to integrate with his clients, understand their views, and tailor his writing style to match their needs - regardless of how complicated or niche the topic may be.


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Summary of Industry Experience


James has travelled across most of the United States, with fond memories of trips as far away as New York City and as close as Portland. His writing has taken him even further afield, where he's had the opportunity to write about Japan, Jamaica, and quite a few places in-between. He's looking forward to further travel abroad over the next few years.


James has written for dealerships selling vehicles from Ford, Honda, Cadillac, Volkswagen, and other manufacturers. Over the years, he's gone from someone who knew nothing about cars to someone who can speak with authority on subjects like modern technology in vehicles, how to get the most from safety systems, and where to get the best value when buying a new or used car.


Even after finishing college, James has continued his own education, diving into subjects like finance, history, and even the learning progress itself. He's always looking for new ways to add to his own education and share what he's learned with others - which may explain why he was once hired to run a blog helping students prepare for the CLEP exams.


James has worked directly with attorneys to create content that matches the exacting standards of the legal profession. Throughout this process, he's helped advise them on what to put up, crafted disclaimers that protect the firm from any form of liability, and still provided potential clients with the information they need to make a decision about seeking legal counsel.


James personally selected every part in the machine he writes on, and has helped numerous clients and customers make informed decisions about buying parts for their own machines. In his free time, he often troubleshoots technical problems for friends and helps them restore their machines to working order, which helps him stay on top of developments and keep his technical skills sharp.

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