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Alfredo first started his career in content production writing for various legal, medical, and precious metals firms. In that experience, he cultivated an ability to write about any topic professionally with little hard-research.

He grew rapidly to adopt SEO keywords into his regular client-side writing. Alfredo quickly became well versed in utilizing keywords and keyword density on not only blogs and articles, but Home Page web copy as well. Over time, his contractors praised his ability to create a maze-like atmosphere on their sites (Wikipedia-like) in order to drive CTR and increase time spent on the page.

He spent time under an SEO guru based out of Long Beach, CA where he learned the fundamentals of link-building, and began an extensive study into the present and future of SEO. That invaluable experience has made Alfredo a uniquely capable content writer as his love of research, his innate writing ability, and his ever-increasing love of the world of SEO all contribute to his work.


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Industry Projects

  • Hospitality100+
  • Search Marketing100+
  • Gaming20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Alfredo grew in the hospitality industry and has worked in kitchens, next to the dishwasher, and in front of both bar and tables many times over. This first-hand experience makes him uniquely suited to write about the ins-and-outs of the hospitality industry.

Search Marketing

Alfredo considers himself a search-marketing professional and his entire professional career has contributed to his education. From writing content for blogs seeking attention, to contributing insight into the capabilities of your CMS platform, Alfredo has the depth of knowledge to contribute meaningful content for your website.


Alfredo has contributed professional copy about many aspects of the gaming industry. From the console wars, to the newest games and their related peripherals; Alfredo has contributed fun and engaging content to blogs, technical spaces, and professional industry news organizations.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Facebook Post50+
  • Advertisement50+
  • Email Copy50+
  • Book5

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Alfredo has written Blog posts about a variety of topics, including: traveling (both global and local), pop-culture 'listicles', food and dining, working in the service industry, space and technology, gold and precious metals, and a number of aspects of the health, wellness, and professional medical field. He is incredibly comfortable taking on new topics and widening his range of writing experience.

Facebook Post

Alfredo has been involved with writing professional marketing content on Facebook since 2009. He has kept abreast with the newest changes and updates to the Facebook platform in order to insure the best results with each post. He has worked for clients in a variety of industries and can develop content that is compelling and guarantees click-through.


Alfredo has worked for advertising agencies writing their product descriptions, developing the content for their online banner ads, writing content for their websites, curating and managing email campaigns, and developing new site and blog ideas to leverage against the market. Alfredo finds writing with an eye towards advertising to prospective markets a comfortable task.

Email Copy

While working in the marketing department of Kane's Furniture, Alfredo was solely responsible for delivering the weekly email blasts to a list of over 500,000 clients. His responsibilities included developing the copy for the email body, determining the best subject line and email header for each blast, and managing email performance with an eye towards improving performance each week.


Alfredo has a degree in English, with a minor in Creative Writing. In the course of his academic career he has written a number of projects (both long and short form) in a wide-variety of genres. As well as having written his own work, Alfredo has edited an immeasurable number of writing projects for colleagues. His editing experience ranges from fiction, to poetry, to non-fiction, and even to editing previously existing web copy.

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