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Theona gains a sense of freedom and fulfillment through her writing. She enjoys writing and researching on just about any topic. However, the topics of nutrition and fitness are her top interests for composition.

Theona received a Bachelors of Arts in Writing from Geneva College in 2002. She is currently pursuing a diploma in Medical Coding and Billing.


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Because she is a vegetarian, Theona is intimately familiar with the topic of nutrition. She began her vegetarianism as a way of improving her health. Three years later, she still passes on the hot dogs and hamburgers and feels better for it. She improves her health on a daily basis by incorporating natural remedies.


Life is more enjoyable when one's health and well-being are in top form. Theona knows this first hand.That is why she takes a great interest in Health and Wellness topics. Having overcome physical illness using natural and alternative medicine, Theona knows the importance of being at one's best.

Self Help

Theona is a huge proponent of the self help concept. She believes every problem has a solution, all one has to do is look for them.

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