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Joseph has been involved in the freelance industry as a writer for over three years. He is well-versed in a variety of formats, including web articles, blogs, social media postings, academic papers, eBooks, online coursework, video and audio scripts, product reviews and descriptions, creative fiction, and many others. Within each of these formats, he has also written in various styles and tones, ranging from informal and personally engaging to completely professional and information. He became familiar with SEO gradually out of necessity through his three years of writing.


Primarily, Joseph specializes in writing about art and art history due to his education. He excels at writing informational articles, posts, and eBooks, as well as academic style papers and creative fiction.


Joseph's interests include: fiction writing, primarily of the fantasy genre; digital drawing, animation, and 3D modeling; video games and game design; technology, both modern and historical; and various facets of the natural world, such as gardening, natural cures, and the human body.


Cayuga Community College

During his first two years of college, Joseph laid the foundations for the future of his education by studying general topics, focusing primarily on art, art history, and English. Here he gained valuable career knowledge as a tutor and substitute instructor.

SUNY Oswego

In his last two years of college, Joseph pursued a much more refined degree focusing intensely on learning about the history of art, studying the technique and concepts of the Old Masters, and greatly refining his writing skills through art historical research, higher level writing courses, and classes dealing with the prevalent societal issues of women's rights.


51 Projects Completed

As a general article writer, the topic of nutrition has risen frequently for Joseph. In the niche of nutrition, he has written about the general functions of nutrition in the body, nutritional products, the benefits and tradeoffs of various foods (both natural and not), and even legal policies regarding nutrition for entities such as the FDA.


50 Projects Completed

Joseph's formal education in the arts has provided him with extensive knowledge of popular styles and concepts, as well as the history, of art and design. His work in this field includes: critiques commissioned by a professional artist; informational articles about processes, materials, and art history; course material for art techniques and the concepts of artists in history; informational articles with a subtle persuasive tone to influence readers to purchase from the client's website; in-depth academic papers about narrow topics; and much more.


4 Projects Completed

As one of Joseph's primary interests, he has written extensively about gaming on a varying personal and professional basis. His most prominent work includes regular content updates for game-specific websites and volunteer work posting guides, reviews, information, and responding to users in a professional manner for Massively Multiplayer Online game forums as a forum moderator. Though his diversity as a professional in this field is limited, his experience is not: each project involved the production of a high volume of content, spread out over anywhere from three months to two years.


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