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Having 2 Masters Degrees in Writing and Integrated Media, Jade produces the very highest standard of SEO Content and Press Releases. His background in Creative Writing gives his work a unique/ competitive flair and he is known for his expedient delivery of finely tuned work.

Jade is also a video game/ board game connoisseur and critic. He designs strategy board games in his spare time.



In accordance with his interests, Jade specializes in educational and academic writing as well as writing on the topics of new technology and video/ table-top gaming trends.


An avid video/ table-top gamer and game designer, Jade loves the process of learning and often reads to teach himself new skills.

Also, as a philanthropist, Jade is interested in technologies that better the world and improve the quality of life on Earth.


Wichita State University

A pupil of Albert Goldbarth, Jade began experimenting with poetry and rigorously studied numerous types of literature, including: Greco Roman and Medieval Literature, Playwriting, Modern Fiction and canonical texts from all periods.

Miami University of Ohio

Jade worked with professors to create numerous forms of digital poetry. He also wrote performance poetry. In addition, he served as an editor and head videographer for both Miami's Meshworks and OxMag. His thesis, a large volume of poems will be published in 2015 by Ohio Link.

California Institute of the Arts

Jade excelled at experimental, digital and performance poetics, as well as fiction writing. He worked in teaching, tutoring, freelance SEO content development, WP web-design and independent board game design. He wrote most of a satirical novel and designed a hybrid strategy/RPG board game, "Intra Somnia."


2 Projects Completed

Jade has written numerous articles and guides for younger, potential students entering college and his 9 years spent teaching and tutoring at the college level have given him an insider view into what transpires, both in the classroom and in the politics of higher education.


2 Projects Completed

Since obtaining his first gaming console, in 1990, Jade has lived with an unquenchable thirst for all things gaming. To him, it's essential to know about (or experience) every PC, console or table-top game in existence.

For most of his life, he's written about experiences in the alternate worlds of games. Additionally, he's fond of illustrating the evolution of new games from their predecessors.

Also, he has a complete appreciation for the independent gaming industry.His greatest inspiration is to help indie designers flush out the innovative gaming paradigms that will define future trends in the market.


1 Projects Completed

Having been a teen during the rise of global, high-speed internet, technology has played an extensive role in Jade's life. He views the world of technology as an ever-expanding, ever-evolving arena that positively impacts human life. Jade is both a philanthropist and someone who enjoys contemplating the endlessly intricate processes of digital interfaces. His perspective, when paired with his artful mastery of explanation, helps him to describe new medias and technologies in ways that are both down to earth and informative,


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