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As a professional writer, Lindsey has specialized in focused articles and informational pieces, and is highly skilled at discerning then realizing the desired style and voice for a particular audience. She has a successful background brainstorming blog topics and writing them into reality, crafting compelling email campaigns, creating and optimizing webpage copy, researching and writing whitepapers, delivering professional level product and service reviews, composing press releases, and more.

Lindsey's work has been based in a variety of industries, including franchising, food service, B2B, online marketing, design, education, travel, retail and more. Using her extensive experience to complete in-depth research, each piece of writing carries the confidence of her thorough sourcing and verification. With further experience in transcription and summation writing, Lindsey eagerly takes on any challenge, consistently delivering quality work that is designed both to engage and to inform.


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Industry Projects

  • Marketing20+
  • Food20+
  • Education10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Primarily focusing her writing for inbound marketing purposes, Lindsey has kept up with the changing tide of SEO and content marketing, matching her style and skills to meet the ever-increasing needs of the industry. She has created content for online marketing blogs and and businesses, written copy for marketing material aimed at customer service engagement, composed professional reviews analyzing the effectiveness of the marketed product, and written whitepapers considering the topic of online marketing and how it differs from traditional tactics.


Lindsey's more than 7 years of work in the food industry culminated in a valued position in a well-known coffee company. Providing quality and analysis support for the coffee buyers, she tasted and graded various coffees, assisted in blend creation, and collaborated on training materials. She also wrote and edited industry-related executive memos and created copy for featured drink promotional material.

A foodie at heart, Lindsey has sampled various cuisines and written reviews and recommendations for restaurants. Culinarily-inclined herself, she has experimented with vegan, paleo, and gluten-free cooking, frequently develops her own recipes, and is currently exploring the freezer-meal and slow cooker phenomenon.


Lindsey's professional experience in the industry has benefitted her ability to write thoughtfully and informatively on a number of subjects. She has tutored high school math, science and English, taught extracurricular classes for elementary aged children, as well as developed and implemented a Sophomore English syllabus and coursework.

Her writing has taken on new dimension as she broadened her range to cover issues at the college level, including benefits of a college degree, major analysis, financial issues, extension learning, and overview of particular courses.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Press Release20+
  • Email Copy20+
  • White Paper10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Blog posts are this writer's specialty, and she has a flair for perceiving ways for the most successful businesses be deeply involved with what's going on in their industry. She enjoys brainstorming subjects that are relevant to the company, add value to a reader, and leave viewers wanting to more about the business and what it has to offer.

Press Release

One of the most valuable things a business can do is share important happenings in their company or in the industry. Lindsey possesses a knack for drawing readers into short and eye-catching press releases that prove the relevance and involvement of the client. Her goal is always to create memorable pieces from the newsworthy events in the business' world.

Email Copy

When a customer signs up to be contacted via email, Lindsey knows the importance of those first few communications in particular. Her copy always stays well on the side of interesting and valuable without ever straying to spamming. Incorporating the key aspects of the business that it are most important for customers to know, she carefully engages the reader through email in an approachable and non-invasive manner.

White Paper

Whitepapers provide the opportunity for an in-depth look into a specific topic that is highly important to a business. Lindsey enjoys the thorough research and organization necessary when writing a whitepaper; it is an opportunity to connect and convey at another level. She sees no need for whitepapers to be less engrossing than any other piece of work, and takes on the challenge of packaging important information into an interesting and memorable read.

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