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Beginning his career in health care, Jason understood the role of compassion in society at the age of 16. As a certified nursing assistant, Jason worked across Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico in a variety of health care settings. He spent four years on assignment at a local 625-bed hospital, two years on assignment at a lock-down psychiatric facility, and six years on assignments in skilled nursing facilities. Jason’s experience served as a catalyst for enacting change on a broader scale, and he has come to understand the value in crafting intricate, authoritative pieces for the health care and medical industry.

Jason saw writing as an opportunity to further increase his work on teaching coping skills and correcting problematic behaviors to others. Due to the intensity of his career, Jason possesses direct care and counseling skills. He has participated in a plethora of training sessions, which include certifications in Satori Alternatives for Managing Aggression (SAMA), CPR, Adult, Adolescent, Child, and Infant First Aid, and Adult Mental Health First Aid.

As Jason embarked on his journey towards increasing awareness for mental health problems, Jason began authoring pieces on the role of pets in managing aggression, how business relates to everyday concepts, fictional stories to inspire, and a variety of other topics.

Today, Jason’s work has garnered the attention of national magazines, prestigious websites, and clients from a variety of backgrounds. Yet, his primary goal has remained the same: help one person at a time by showing compassion, knowledge, and devotion through his writing.
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Although Jason’s specialty focuses on health care topics and addressing emotional distress and crises, Jason has grown increasingly passionate about the role of business in society. As a business owner and the owner of a bird-rescue, Jason continually studies parrots and their behaviors for his weekly submissions to major pet forms and ways to change the lives of those in need. He has found many of the behaviors of parrots are comparable to human emotions, such as the desire to connect with others on an emotional level, and this concept is realized throughout much of his work.
Jason reads the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and New York Times every morning to ensure he stays up-to-date on topics concerning the state of the economy.


Many of Jason's interests revolve around the outdoors. Jason shares his home with a Quaker Parrot and a Miniature Yorkie, but his home is routinely filled with the sounds of many lost, ill, and abandoned birds. Jason has written a 110-page manual on for those who want to help birds find forever homes. Although a vital part of modernity, Jason believes caring, honest, and thoughtful words play a stronger role in society than electronic devices. Above all else, Maya Angelou's words inspire all of Jason's pieces, "Words are things."


South Plains College

Jason began his collegiate career in 2010 as a psychology major. In 2012, he made the decision to gain more experience in the field prior to completing the degree plan.

Cedar Valley College

After dedicating himself to writing, Jason enrolled in college to pursue a degree as a professional writer.


1,056 Projects Completed

Jason understands the key concerns, hot topics and trends involving manufacturing and transportation, ranging from the adoption of cloud-based transportation management systems, logistics and warehousing providers and other manufacturing SaaS platforms. His experience also includes detailed blogs on the Internet of Things, Big Data and analytics.


721 Projects Completed

Jason has worked in the health care field for a total of 10 years. He has taken care of patients ranging from post-operative orthopedics to lock-down psychiatric facility clients. He tries to make the patients feel a true desire to live and excel through compassion. He shares his experiences with patients in order to remind them that all people get sick throughout their lives, and time brings healing. Jason has worked in the following specific categories of healthcare:
Surgical Intensive Care Unit
General Med/Surg
Cardio-Thoracic Care Unit
Medical Intensive Care Unit
Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
Dialysis Unit
Renal Telemetry/Transplant Unit
Palliative Medicine
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
Skilled Nursing Facility
Geriatric Psychiatric Facility
Psychiatric Facility


672 Projects Completed

Jason finds writing about business concepts and information compelling and applicable to his life. He tries to incorporate the new skills he learns about into his daily writing habits. Recently, Jason completed several large, business-oriented articles for clients. He transforms complex analyses into simple forms through the use of real world comparisons and how it applies to any profession.Through his research on business topics, he grew his writing career into a source of sustainable income. He thinks business doesn't need to be complicated and secretive.


152 Projects Completed

Jason runs a parrot-rescue from his home. He has written multiple articles for clients detailing considerations prior to buying a pet. Furthermore, many of his pieces revolve the care of parrots through online forums and annual publications. He has created instructional materials for building aviaries and authors breeding advice. He has submitted articles to raise awareness for the dangers posed in the illegal bird trade, and his passion for pets permeates his work.


105 Projects Completed

While working at a staffing agency, Jason conducted multiple training sessions for potential employees who sought to advance their careers. In addition to providing sessions for traditional employees, Jason has helped others begin a freelance career as a writer. Jason has written pieces about interview advice, career advancement opportunities, dispute resolution between co-workers, and many other career-related topics. He understands that professionalism must not be excluded in freelance professions, such as blogging, writing, painting, or other artistic expression.


85 Projects Completed

Jason has completed marketing pieces for a variety of industries, which include manufacturing, business, and nonprofits. His work provides advice for marketing specialists looking to take advantage of social media, programmatic advertising, or other forms of digital marketing. In most cases, Jason's pieces focus on using inexpensive marketing techniques, but some pieces have provided instructions for a successful, in-print campaign.


73 Projects Completed

Jason has written several articles focused on investing and financial decisions. He wrote an article on business concepts that approached 18,000 words recently. He has taken three courses on budgeting and financial in college, and works as a financial record keeper for his mother's business.
Jason has written dozens of articles on investments, financial advice, and the state of the economy. Recently, Jason has written extensively about interest rates in the Us. In college, Jason completed three courses on budgeting, fundamentals of financial planning, and bookkeeping. Jason also works as the sole keeper and organizer of financial records for his mother's business.


36 Projects Completed

Jason travels to a new destination every month to improve his writing skills and knowledge of other places. Even though he may not have a piece ordered on a specific destination, he will write a comprehensive review of events and the area for future reference. Jason routinely attends many high-end events, such as SXSW in Austin, Texas. Depending upon the demographics of the area, he gears the piece towards the communities most likely to find the information enlightening and helpful.


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Jason V. believes governments should always maintain a level of transparency. He has worked on a variety of government-related articles, which range from an analysis of voter turnout and election results to an intricate explanation of the Affordable Care Act for small businesses and families.

Blog Post

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Jason has completed a variety of blog posts as a writer, and he authors blog posts for local publications in West Texas. His previous work has focused on providing information to readers, and more recent pieces have been devoted to encouraging those in crisis to seek help. His work reflects his need to help others, and blog posts offer the protections needed when someone faces a dramatic situation.


572 Projects Completed

Jason has written hundreds of articles in his career for online and in-print publications. When writing an article, he focuses on bringing the article to life for readers, and he spares no detail in explaining the article's points. Jason enjoys writing articles geared towards healthcare concerns, business strategies, and marketing practices. Jason's articles force details to jump out to the reader without making the piece overly dramatic.

White Paper

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Jason V. has completed white papers for a variety of communication and health industries. He understands the need to maintain strict adherence to traditional white paper layout, and each of his documents reflects a problem, proposed solution, and the expected outcome following implementation of the given problem.

Product Description

59 Projects Completed

Jason writes product descriptions as they apply to potential consumers. He finds ways to utilize a product in an unusual aspect of life. He makes the description relevant to the reader's needs. He gives advice on ways to use products not mentioned on the respective websites. When writing about kitchen products, he creates new recipes to excite customers into wanting the product.

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