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Duane has a JD/PhD from a top flight University in the United States. He has spent approximately three years as an editor for two large, peer-reviewed academic journals and has written a number of publications both inside and outside of academia.


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Duane has extensive experience writing analytical sports articles in soccer, basketball, baseball, football, and fantasy sports. He loves the Cavs, Indians, and Buckeyes, and writes more like Bill Simmons than Marc Stein.


Duane has provided legal research for solo practitioners, law firms, and government agencies as well as law and education professors for over four years. His legal research includes anything from employment law, education law, contract law, constitutional law, and a variety of other legal areas of interest. Duane has access to LexisNexis and WestLaw, and he can use the legal or academic versions of these services for a nominal fee. Duane is versed in state, federal and international legal research and writing, and is up-to-date on current Bluebook formatting standards.


Duane has extensive experience writing articles about document cameras and Apple products as a primary ghostwriter for two of the top-ranked news sites that discuss those two topics.


Duane has completed education-based research, writing, and editing projects for dozens of companies and organizations. He has conducted research and performed writing in a wide-range of educational topics, including grant research and writing, policy research and writing at both the state and federal level, educational technology writing, and many others.


Duane has vast experience with education-oriented companies, including business coaching, educational technology, and charter schools in their endeavor to obtain grants or gain success.


Duane writes on career advice, opportunities, and career alternatives for recent college, graduate school, and law school graduates. His work has been featured on a number of popular blogs as a guest post.


Duane writes on personal finance strategies, most specifically in the area of student loan repayment strategies for Millenials. His experience is for students in many different areas of their lives.

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