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Rose executes professional written SEO articles, copywriting, product descriptions and how-tos on a variety of subjects. She assists with increasing blog and website viewers to strengthen product sales. Rose offers fast research on any topics she is not familiar with and updates research for new innovative technology that is changing every day.


Rose specializes in technology, medical conditions, chemical and natural medications articles and blogs. She additionally concentrates on wildlife, gardening, pet and family blogs and articles.


Rose is interested in gaming, photography, music and animals. She gardens in the spring and summer. Rose specializes in rare hot peppers including (their common names) primo pot 7, naga, ghost, and pretty purples. She has bred and raised a variety of animals, and worked through the humane society. Rose is a gamer and regularly plays World of Warcraft, Diablo, the Final Fantasy series and more.


Downriver High School

Rose earned her high school diploma from Downriver High School in 1998.


20 Projects Completed

Rose has wrote an assortment of articles and blogs on health issues. These range from best ways to lose weight including diet and exercise to natural uses for herbs and minerals. Rose has wrote about scoliosis, arthritis, pregnancy, and birth defects. She includes stress reduction, skin treatment, plastic surgery and holistic treatment blogs in the health category.


15 Projects Completed

Rose has written a range of blogs about pets and wild animals, these included the largest wild cats, best pocket sized pets and most laid back dogs. She has additionally extensively researched dangerous dog breeds and dog training. Rose then wrote about exotic pets focusing on reptiles, ferrets, sugar gliders and chinchillas.


10 Projects Completed

Rose has wrote various articles and blogs about gardening and tools used in gardening for different clients. The articles have ranged from unique containers you can use for container gardening to how to design your raised garden best and what type of tools a first time gardener needs.


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