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Paul thought going into his journalism career that he would move on to something else in five years. Little did he know his time in the newspaper business would turn into a 20-year journey that would earn praise among his peers. The life of a reporter required hard work and commitment. Paul learned to approach and speak with strangers as if they were friends. On numerous occasions he was placed in the unenviable position of calling on people who underwent personal tragedies -- and finding ways to communicate with them. Without good ingredients, not even the best chef could come up with a quality dish. So it is with journalism. Paul elicits strong material from sources and knows how to find supporting facts in research. Those skills give him a solid foundation to weave gripping news stories.


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Paul wrote news stories daily about city and county government. Topics ranged from taxes to bond issues to remonstrances. Many of the stories were written on deadline after returning from night meetings. That kind of fast turnaround requires an attentive ear and an ability to quickly understand complicated issues.


The Republic newspaper's education beat provided Paul with a chance to change the primary focus of his reporting from the life and times of adults to the life and times of children. Certainly, the world of education has plenty of adults whose policy-making decisions affect our most valuable resource. Teachers, who by the way are also adults, play a huge role in what children will become. But the most important lesson Paul learned in covering education was that the news writer should never lose site that it's all about the kids.


Paul's work in the newspaper industry occasionally has given him the opportunity to write columns, which allow more creative latitude. Among his subjects has been vacations to places like Disney World, the Kennedy Space Center and Mount Rushmore.

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