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Through my educational curriculum and work experience, I have gained a great writing foundation. I have experience with creating press releases, blog posts, newsletter articles, travel articles, feature stories and several other marketing-based compositions.


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Industry Projects

  • Travel20+
  • Marketing3
  • Non Profit2

Summary of Industry Experience


During her three month internship in the traveling marketing industry, she wrote over 10 press releases, 10 newsletter articles, 20 blog posts, and a vast amount of social media postings that all advertised a certain destination. Through the internship, she gained extensive researching, writing and editing skills that combine with her previous writing experience to equal a well-seasoned travel writer with a passion for the industry.


With three professional internships, several collegiate board positions and an educational background focused in communications and marketing, her marketing-based writing experience combines to just over four years. Her marketing writing portfolio is compiled of press releases, social media postings, feature stories, e-blasts, blog postings and more. Through her internships, several press releases and feature stories were published, and her social media and blog postings were circulated.

Non Profit

Her experience in non-profit writing has come through organizations such as Relay for Life, Zeta Tau Alpha, and local humane societies or animal shelters. She has composed several press releases, newsletter articles, feature stories, and multimedia pieces that successfully relayed the marketing messages desired. Her philanthropic background has allowed her to obtain a great sense of how to write in a non-profit mindset.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post20+
  • Press Release5

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

With her educational background and numerous internships, coupled with her personal creative writing, her experience with writing blog posts is abundant. Her style of writing for blog postings is generally conversational and witty, but she adapts her style based on the project at the hand. She understands the importance of a blog post from a marketing standpoint, and also from a fun, creative standpoint.

Press Release

With course classes like Communications Writing, combined with her three marketing-based internships, press releases have become second-nature. Her effective creative writing skills and thorough knowledge of Associated Press Style Guide combined well to make her press releases stand out, while also getting the desired message across.

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