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Crystal began her content marketing career in 2008 for a SaaS tech company. She contributed to the company blog, provided copy for the site, created white papers and guest posted on many sites providing advice for small businesses. In 2014, she became the Digital Marketing Specialist at a credit union where she now owns the content marketing strategy. Her role also involves overseeing the company's SEO strategy.

Her freelance services have been used by many businesses. While her main experience involves B2B audiences or B2C financial advice, she has done work for many businesses, including interior decorators, fitness trainers, spas and contractors.

Personally, she grew up on a farm and has been an avid equestrian since a small child. She has extensive experience working in pet stores and veterinary offices.
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Crystal is most experienced with blog posts, press releases and website copy.


Diagnosed with Celiac's, Crystal continues to do a lot of research on gluten free eating and other healthy diets.


Delaware Valley College

The specific area of study was wildlife conservation. This involved many classes on writing for policy and journals.

West Chester University

This program prepares students for writing, speaking and teaching careers.


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For 5 years, Crystal worked at a tech company that provided online marketing software to small businesses. Crystal contributed to the company blog and provided guest posts for other blogs in the industry, including MarketingLand and MediaPost.

Crystal also created many white papers on online marketing techniques. She used some of these white papers to create webinars for small business owners.


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Crystal worked at a B2B SaaS company for over five years. Part of her job included helping small/medium businesses succeed in getting the word out about their business. Besides writing numerous blog posts and guest posts on small/medium business topics, she was also invited to speak at many business seminars and workshops.


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Crystal grew up on a farm and has always been fond of animals. An avid equestrian, she was a member of the United States Pony Clubs during her teenage years and continues to be active in the equestrian community. Crystal spent much of her youth working at pet stores and veterinary hospitals, including being a full-time veterinary technician for over a year. As an adult, she will occasionally volunteer at shelters and has helped manage email newsletters for shelters.


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Crystal's full-time position is currently at a credit union. She writes for the company blog, provides copy for the website and creates white papers.

Crystal held a content marketing workshop for credit union employees to learn what members' pain points and interests were. She's also conducted many surveys to ensure the content she's creating matches what her audience wants to read.

Green Living

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Crystal's focus in college was on wildlife conservation and management. Although she never became a wildlife biologist, she loves reading and writing about helping the environment. She was a contributor to the site for a few months.

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Crystal has been writing blog posts for the past 7 years. She has been part of a business' in-house content creation team as well as completing numerous freelance requests. Crystal currently manages the blog for a credit union that was named one of the top 20 credit union blogs in the country.

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Crystal has created numerous white papers for various companies. Developing lengthy web content takes practice and patience - skills which she has mastered. Crystal's white papers (or ebooks/guides) have been praised for being easy to read with valuable content from beginning to end (no fluff).

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