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Sarah holds a BA in creative writing, as well as a certificate in public and professional writing. Her love of technology and coding took her to the higher education industry, where she currently designs and programs websites. During her internships, she has written grants for non-profits and style profiles for fashion magazines. She is an active blogger. In her spare time, she reads and writes fiction. She loves Mexican food so much that she named her cats Taco and Guacamole.


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Sarah has written fashion features and boutique reviews during her internships. She is more interested in style than trends, and especially loves street-style features.


Sarah has written concert previews and reviews during her internships. She is especially interested in local live performances. If you tell her to check out your band, you best believe she will check out your band.


Sarah has written jet-set features during her internships. Although she never visited the cities she wrote about, she sure did a lot of research. She is an avid surfer, so she is especially interested in the coastal features.

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