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Pamela has been pursuing her career in writing since 2008, when she began writing for Yahoo Shine.

In 2009, Pamela began writing large volumes of articles for Demand Media. Her volume of over 500 articles are published on eHow, eHow UK, Livestrong and Ask.com.

Pamela currently writes content for a wide variety of well-known content and marketing outlets.

Her favorite writing assignments involve marketing, interior design, beauty, nutrition and alternative medicine. She writes blog posts, consumer buying guides, marketing copy, magazine copy, feature articles, how-to articles, product reviews, catalog descriptions and Facebook posts.

Pamela is also an expert at rewriting. She will take your existing content and turn it into something you will love.


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Pamela G's Product Description Product Experience

50 Projects Completed

Pamela writes product descriptions of various lengths on a variety of different consumer goods, to support catalog and online purchases.

Industry Projects

  • Health100+
  • Consumer Goods50+
  • Beauty50+
  • Fitness20+
  • Green Living20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Pamela has written many health and general wellness articles and blogs. Her publishers include eHow, Livestrong, Yahoo and the Examiner.

Published 94 Nutrition and Diet Articles
Published 80 Alternative Medicine Articles
Published 39 Medical Conditions Articles

Specializing in alternative medicine, Pamela enjoys researching and writing about health topics such as nutrition, beauty, exercise and fitness, medical conditions, natural treatments, meditation, yoga and Ayurveda, women's health, weight loss and skin care.

Consumer Goods

Pamela writes consumer product descriptions for various content marketing companies. She also writes product reviews/advertisements for the magazine, Luxury Beyond the Gates.

Specializing in luxury goods, Pamela knows how to sell a product to the consumer by emphasizing its benefits and features in an effective manner.


Pamela has extensive experience writing beauty-related articles and blogs for a variety of different clients.

Beginning with eHow, Livestrong, Yahoo Shine and The Examiner, Pamela has published many original articles on natural skincare, hair care, preventing premature aging, homemade beauty recipes and nutrition for optimal beauty.

Pamela currently writes beauty-related copy for Writer Access and several other content marketing companies. Some of her favorite clients include Aveeno, eBay Australia and Luxury Beyond the Gates Magazine.


Pamela has 32 fitness-related articles published on Livestrong ,eHow and Yahoo.

She enjoys writing about fitness subjects such as yoga, proper breathing, exercise equipment, and currently trending fitness topics. Pamela has also self-published many articles on the subject of the latest diet fads and secrets.

Green Living

Pamela has published work on eHow, Livestrong and Yahoo Shine related to Green Living and the environment.

Specializing in green design, Pamela also enjoys advising consumers about environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free beauty products and green solutions for the home.

Product Projects

  • Article500+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Advertisement50+
  • Product Description50+

Summary of Product Experience


Pamela has over 500 self-published original articles on the Internet, covering a wide variety of subjects including interior design, healthy living, beauty and the environment.

Blog Post

Pamela writes a variety of original blog posts for companies such as eBay, eBay Australia, US Verticals, Materials Marketing, Stub Hub and Aveeno. Her blog posts cover a wide variety of different topics.

Pamela is also an expert at rewriting existing blog content. She will turn a mediocre article into something compelling, organized and enjoyable to read.


Pamela writes advertisements and product reviews for several companies, including Luxury Beyond the Gates Magazine.

Product Description

Pamela writes product descriptions of various lengths on a variety of different consumer goods, to support catalog and online purchases.

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