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Michael wrote for 5 years for a leading Boston-area concierge company. He crafted detailed item and restaurant descriptions, as well as destination guides for clients, wrote a daily company-wide newsletter, and helped to create, organize, and edit an internal digital knowledge management system using content from his colleagues.

After a brief stint in the sales arena, he moved on to a small but rapidly-growing marketing firm in Quincy, MA where he works today.

Presently, his duties include: writing compelling, SEO-friendly web copy for business clients, blog posting, ebook writing, and peer editing .

In his spare time, he writes for his own personal blog, and does exciting freelance work.
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Michael specializes in persuasive and informative web copy for large, medium-sized, and small business clients. He can write in both short-form and long-form style, and enjoys copy with a little life to it.

Michael is a devoted husband and tireless father. He is looking to do whatever he can to provide the best education possible for his little girl and son and ensure that they lack for nothing in life.


Medieval history
Craft brewing


Malden Catholic High School

Michael grew from a boy into a man at this institution, developed his skills as a writer, and learned that hard work and sacrifice will always win out.

University of New Hampshire

The University of New Hampshire is where Michael received his formal training in the art of writing. He studied the classics, modern literature, and poetry - even spending a semester in Ireland learning about their literature and rich culture at the University College Cork.


10 Projects Completed

Michael is a copywriter with more than 10+ years of experience, and works for a medium-sized marketing company in Quincy, MA. His role as a content manager requires him to not only write engaging and informative marketing copy for his clients, but also work with other departments within the business such as:

Marketing Department
Client Services
And more...

Michael is a full-time member of his company's blog team; having written 20+ blogs with more on the way. He has also written an ebook on Content Marketing, assisted in power-editing marketing collateral, and uses PowerPoint to create a DAILY company-wide newsletter.

Michael can write in almost any style (long-form, short form, persuasive, technical, etc) and adheres to all deadlines at all times.


2 Projects Completed

Michael has done persuasive web copywriting for a number of clients in the health services industry. His range of satisfied clients includes:

Doctor's Offices
Dentist Practices
Hair Transplant Businesses
Elder Care
And many more...

When writing for this industry, Michael tries to answer relevant questions clients may have before registering for/purchasing service. This way, with all of their questions answered, they can call for a price quote or to schedule an appointment or one-on-one interview.

He feels it is important to highlight certain positive attributes of each business and list the best benefits of any practice at the onset of any copy. This does well for both SEO and Responsive Design.


2 Projects Completed

Michael has written professional, informative copy for law practices across the country. From Manhattan to Miami Beach to the Midwest, Michael has a broad range writing clients, including both Fortune 500 law firms to smaller, more rural practices with one or two attorneys.

When writing for any law practice is important to give any plaintiff or defendant a brief summary of their rights under each of the categories covered by the attorneys and state exactly what that law practice can do for them in times of distress.

If given the opportunity, Michael can use his writing to create leads, eliminate "fishing" phone calls, and persuade those in need of legal services that his clients are in the upper echelon of their profession.

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600 Projects Completed

Michael is a full-time marketing copywriter who specializes in crafting high-quality web content. Working at his present company for 5 years, Michael has developed a true talent for writing for websites. Landing pages, small sites, blogs, ebooks, large SEO-friendly endeavors - Michael is familiar with them all and enjoys the experience.

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