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Adel has been writing content online for over 6 years full time. Writing is a passion of his. He combines an ability to connect with his readers with a natural enjoyment for educating. This makes his articles easy to read, understand, and benefit from.

During the past 6+ years, Adel has also been a full time internet marketer. He has managed a full time blog, guest posted for one of the top personal development blogs, written successful email campaigns and sales pages.

Adel enjoys writing and enjoys making a living from it. His content is always guaranteed or it will be rewritten immediately.


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  • Health20+
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  • Self Help10+
  • Nutrition6

Summary of Industry Experience


Adel has written many articles within the Health industry for various clients, both direct and through other writer sites. He is thorough in his research and references, and has written on general health and wellness, nutrition, different eating/nutrition habits, and more.


Adel has worked in internet marketing for over 5 years. In that time, he has guest posted for some the biggest and most popular blogs in different fields.

He manages and writes for a blog on online marketing, manages email marketing campaigns as well as sales pages. He also works as an online marketing coach, teaching small business owners how to create their first online marketing campaign.

Self Help

Adel has been guest posting for one of the top personal growth blogs in the world, and incorporates it into his online marketing coaching. He not only writes regularly on the topic but is always reading, learning, and living it.


Adel studies and practices healthy nutrition on a daily basis, and is very familiar with the basics as well as how to research the topic thoroughly. He has researched and written for other writer sites, receiving high praises for his work and research on the given topic

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