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Lisa has been focused on fitness for 25 years. Her passion for health and wellness led to an Associate's Degree in Exercise Science which she uses to create the bicycle spokes on her career path. Lisa's exercise background includes owning a gym, fitness competing, teaching karate, cardiac rehabilitation interning, coaching high school track, presenting fitness workshops, health mentoring for those with mental illness, group exercise instructing and personal training. In her free time, she enjoys rock-climbing, hula-hooping and biking. She motivates others on a national level with her six fitness books, two fiction novels, fitness instructor's courses, and numerous health articles. Her greatest accomplishment is being a sane mother of two teenagers.


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Lisa writes health articles with purpose. Her goal is to educate others on ways to live longer and to experience quality of life. Her books, magazine articles and web content are written in an easy-to-follow format so readers are quickly able to apply the information to their lifestyles.


Lisa has written for numerous fitness magazines and websites within the past 12 years. She enjoys combining current research with traditional exercises to keep workouts fresh and varied.


Lisa writes nutritional articles that suggest natural remedies for chronic conditions and symptoms. She uses current research to support her information. Her goal is to alleviate readers' discomfort and improve their health.

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Lisa provides newsletter content for those in the health industry such as chiropractors and massage therapists.

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