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I am still learning the business of writing, but I have long experience in the nursing and medical fields. I am a trained biologist and have an interest in agriculture. I have written a variety of articles on the automobile industry, sports, history, medicine and domestic issues over the past three years. I am finding that I enjoy using the English language to craft a message that speaks to others.


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Teresa C. has written numerous articles to review new car models for the coming model year. She has written a number of comparison articles, usually discussing which model is the best in a given class of vehicles. Teresa C. has written articles about the problems of a particular model, such as a recall or other safety issue. Another topic frequently addressed is the difference between manufacturer's warranties and the effect of shorter warranties on the buyer.


Teresa C. has a BS in Biology and worked for the Navy as a civilian employee. She also has a AA in Nursing and worked as an RN for over 10 years before she needed to stop due to disability. Specialty areas include geriatrics, COPD and psychiatric care with an emphasis on senior and adult care.


Teresa C. is a member of a team of writers that authors articles on natural treatments and health problems. She has written many articles on various diseases in the areas of adult COPD, allergies and safe steroid usage. Recent articles include caregiver guilt and a review of the uses of garlic and its possible interactions with other medicines.

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Blog Post

Teresa C. has written a variety of text for blog posts on varied subjects. These subjects have included shopping, travel, sports, health issues, automobiles, camping, and cooking. These blogs generally begin with a catchy entry paragraph to hook in the reader, followed by several points broken up into sub-headings and a conclusion. Sometimes the conclusion contains a call to action. Her blog articles are supported by sources, usually quoted in the article to support my position.

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