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Life has been good for Gary. His first career began after he dropped out of college and moved to Austin, TX in the early 1970s. Yes, he was an aspiring hippy, yet instilled with the middle class work ethic his parents so religiously followed. He was compelled to work but wanted to maintain his newly found lifestyle. This led him to an unsuccessful attempt at bartending, which in turn, led to a passionate love affair with cooking. For six years, he lived a relaxed lifestyle and supported himself as a line cook in several Austin area restaurants. In 1986 after getting married and being bitten by a tenacious ambition bug, Gary left Austin and moved to San Francisco where he cut his long hair, shaved and entered the California Culinary Academy where he graduated in 1988.

As a newly certified chef, Gary worked at various locales including San Francisco, New Orleans, and eventually, Denver. By 1996, he had to face the hard fact that the chef lifestyle had come close to ruining his health, elbows and knees. It was evident he needed to change careers to give his body a much needed new direction. Gary returned to college (25 years after he dropped out) and completed a bachelor's degree in English/Creative writing to pursue a long time goal of becoming a writer.

Immediately after graduation in 1998, he and his wife moved to the island of Shikoku in Japan where his wife accepted a position to help establish a conversation school. Gary was fortunate to find a job working for an English language newsletter which was distributed throughout Shikoku.

After returning to the United States, he found work at the Napa Valley Register where he eventually became a columnist and profile writer for the Entertainment section of the newspaper. In 2002 Gary left the Register and started his own freelance company called Burnt Fire Productions. He has been writing under that name for the past 12 years. In 2004, he returned to school at Dominican University of California (just north of San Francisco) and earned a Master's degree in English/Creative Writing in the hope of fulfilling another dream of becoming a college English professor.

Gary's freelancing career led him to even more diverse writing pathways. He wrote for alternative newspapers, online business journals, newsletters and a plethora of magazines spread across northern California on a variety of topics. Utilizing his expertise as a working chef, Gary found work as a monthly food and beverage columnist, restaurant reviewer and wrote profiles of some of Napa and Sonoma Valley's most celebrated chefs wine makers.

In 2007, Gary returned to Denver just in time for the closing of the Rocky Mountain News which effectively killed any hope he had of finding freelance work due to the number of seasoned local writers that suddenly found themselves out of work. Gary took a year off and wrote his version of the Great American Novel, Devil's Dance. Eventually, Gary found work writing copy for websites, white papers and a now defunct magazine where he wrote profiles, product reviews and short information pieces covering local events. He began teaching English Composition and Literature at the Community College of Aurora and for the state's online division for the Colorado Community College System where he still teaches today.

Gary's goal now is to transition back to writing full time, simply because he knows that is where his heart and true calling lies.


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Gary has covered outdoor events for magazines and newspapers that appealed to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts. From Burning Man to Renaissance Faires to biking the Roaring Forks River outside of Aspen, CO, his approach to these topics generates a tactile connection with the reader and the event to create a visual imagery that captures the moment.

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Summary of Industry Experience


Gary has been a food and beverage columnist for magazines, trade publications and food and wine reviewer for newspapers and other outlets. As a certified Working Chef by the American Federation of Chefs and Cooks, Gary worked in the culinary industry for twenty years, twelve of them as a chef and kitchen manager. His knowledge of cuisines include classical French, cajun, southwestern cuisine, and Tex Mex dishes. He continues to stay abreast of evolving trends in the culinary world.


Gary has covered local and national politics on many occasions. He has been a political junkie all of his life and continues to stay abreast of both local, state and national politics. Fiercely independent in his leanings, he finds politics (and politicians) both fascinating and disturbing when party dogmas collide and result in partisan warfare to the detriment of constituents.


Gary's assignments from magazines and newspaper, often require him to capture the moment and elemental essence of areas that draw visitors from across the globe. His ability to "see" beneath the mundane and extract the inherent beauty or ugliness of a region is a strong point in his success as a writer which he continues to develop.


Over the years, Gary has written extensively about technology for B2B magazines, newspaper and newsletters. He writes about the world of technology from a layman's point of view that readers can easily understand and grasp when other publications gear their work to industry insiders. Gary enjoys researching tech topics to gain an understanding of the issues to present a holistic look at the topic that incorporates the intricacies of the vast and ever-changing world of modern technology, yet reaches a wider audience.


Gary covered the wine industry in Napa Valley for six years including hospitality rooms of some of the best wineries in the nation. As a Food and Beverage columnist for Smart Meetings Magazine for three years, he came to understand the complex job of meeting and convention planners. While working for the Napa Valley Register, his "beat" covered the northern part of the Napa Valley Which included Yountville, St. Helena, and Calistoga. There hospitality is king and the success or failure of many wineries depends on the presentation of new vintages in there in house hospitality room.


Gary has covered outdoor events for magazines and newspapers that appealed to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts. From Burning Man to Renaissance Faires to biking the Roaring Forks River outside of Aspen, CO, his approach to these topics generates a tactile connection with the reader and the event to create a visual imagery that captures the moment.


Through his writing jobs for newspapers and magazines, Gary covered a number of topics pertaining to educational issues. As an adjunct college professor of English Composition and Literature for six years, he has first hand knowledge of how the systems work, and more importantly, how they do not work. The last three years Gary has devoted his time to the online learning classroom and understands well the possibilities and future growth the the medium holds for cash strapped institutions. Gary has worked with both Blackboard Vista and the Desire2Learn online platforms. He understands the need for creating an online conversation between students and the school to better engender a positive learning outcome.

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Gary has become an avid blogger over the years. He currently writes a blog called Living Large in Carson City that explores a progressive's life in the predominantly conservative state of Nevada. Gary sees blogs as the new "newspapers" of the masses. He believes they offer an immediacy that print publications lack, yet the added feature of allowing readers to interact with their favorite (or not so favorite) writers.


Gary has extensive experience in writing articles that best highlight a company's strengths and experience in their field of expertise. Whether it is an architectural or design firm, or major project undertaking, Gary uses his in depth writing style to highlight what makes the company unique and the best firm for the customer's needs.

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