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Samantha has a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. She has experience working in a medical laboratory and caretaker experience. She also spent 2 years volunteering for a non-profit organization that helps homeless and injection drug users. She is currently certified to operate a home-hemodialysis machine.

Through her time in college, she became an advocate for Pacific Islander rights awareness through an organization called People of the Pacific.


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Sam has experience blogging about current events, including politics and movies.

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As a Biology major and Chemistry minor, Samantha has a lot of experience writing research reports. Previous experience includes evolutionary adaptation to unihemispheric sleep, invertebrate pollution-resistance adaption, and same-sex sexual selection in non-human animals.

Self Help

Samantha has written blog posts about culture, being a minority, feminism, depression, positive affirmations, the LGBT community, and panic attacks.


Samantha wrote an instructional guide on how to use a Nx Stage home-hemodialysis machine. It was used for personal purposes to guide other people through the learning curve. As a Biology major, Samantha also has experience writing research-based papers on medical related issues, including HIV.


Sam studied animal physiology and animal behavior at the University of Oregon. She spent 3 months volunteering at the Honolulu Zoo, where she gained hands on experience working around meerkats, lions, hyenas, baboons, African wild dogs, and rhinos. She also has personal experience with tropical fish and dogs.


Sam has blogged about feminism. She is also a women.


Sam has experience blogging about current events, including politics and movies.


Sam has experience as a hiker on the Hawaiian Islands. She understands the fight against invasive plants and the importance of community moral. She has experience blogging about local hiking routes.


Sam is familiar with dynamic of entertainment in our society. She is familiar with the current tv shows, movies, and social media outlets. She is also aware with the popular shows on youtube and the impact of new young adult books.

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