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Kasey has worked in the film industry as a screenwriter and script reader, in education as a tutor and teaching assistant, and in online business with a student travel provider called Scholastic Expeditions.


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Kasey has written product descriptions for home and garden products, costumes, and more. She has written buying guides for Ebay and product reviews for Amazon.com.

Industry Projects

  • Entertainment10+
  • Travel3
  • Education1

Summary of Industry Experience


Kasey began her career in the film industry in college through her course of study. During college, she participated in two internships, a script reading internship, which involved reading scripts and writing reviews and commentary, and a script writing internship, during which she composed a feature-length screenplay. Using the skills she gained at University, Kasey has since written several articles on the subject of film for online publication, as well as one full-length screenplay for a client.


Kasey has written hotel and city guides for various places in the U.S. as well as travel blogs from her experience studying abroad in Japan over two summers. She is an enthusiastic adventurer who has traveled up and down the California coast, across the Pacific to Hawaii, south to Mexico, to New York, Pennsylvania and more.


Kasey worked as a math tutor for several years both during and after college. Her experiences with tutoring and as part of the CalTeach program inspired her to continue contributing to education as a writer. She was given the opportunity to do so as a content writer for Scholastic Expeditions, a student educational travel organization. Currently, Kasey works for an after-school care program, for which she has devised a variety of fun and educational activities for grades K-5.

Product Projects

  • Article50+
  • Blog Post20+
  • Product Description20+
  • Web Page10+
  • Script/Video1

Summary of Product Experience


Kasey has done content writing work for sites like Scripted.com, Writer Access, Writersdomain.net, and many others. Her professional and in-depth articles have been highly praised by clients and editors and she has never missed a deadline.

Blog Post

Kasey started her writing career as a blogger on Hubpages.com, where she wrote movie reviews and other content focused on the art of film. Since then, she has branched out into blogging on a variety of subjects in her work with freelancing sites like Writer Access and Writersdomain.net.

Product Description

Kasey has written product descriptions for home and garden products, costumes, and more. She has written buying guides for Ebay and product reviews for Amazon.com.

Web Page

Kasey gained most of her early web writing experience working for student travel organization Scholastic Expeditions. She wrote and managed pages for the website, emails, brochure copy, and other professional content.


Kasey has written multiple movie scripts in her spare time as a hobby, and has also been hired to craft a screenplay in the supernatural thriller genre for a client. She is a master of screenplay formatting and the nuances of dialogue, action, character development, etc. She enjoys writing for science-fiction and fantasy genres, but can write just as well for dramas focusing on realism, short videos or even commercials. Script projects can be composed in Final Draft, Microsoft Word, or Celtx based on the client's discretion.

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