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Judson is a Composition instructor and has a few years of experience writing SEO articles, creative essays, and a variety of informative pieces. Judson's organizational and deadline prowess is exceptional and very well developed.
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Judson enjoys writing music, sports, property, and other articles. However, Judson is good at adapting to any writing situation with fervor and dedication.


University of Southern Mississippi

Judson studied a general English education focused on literature and composition.

William Carey College

Poetry, Rhetoric and Composition, Concepts of Composition, American LIterature.


295 Projects Completed

Judson has written numerous articles based on preseason rankings and high school recruits. Also, Judson is well versed in writing about the progress, or lack there of, of teams in college and professional sports. Hockey, basketball, soccer, baseball, and golf are Judson's main focuses, but he also has experience in writing about football and cricket.

Real Estate

5 Projects Completed

Judson has written numerous articles for The Content Authority. Doing thorough research and providing detailed examples of the surrounding area, Judson tackles the real estate in the US and overseas.


4 Projects Completed

Judson has written on a variety contemporary music groups and festivals. Highlighting many different festivals and describing the cities that host them, Judson gives detailed insight into the eclectic summer festivals.


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