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With vast experience in creating content specific to SEO terminology and formatting requirements, Stephanie S. has hands on knowledge in the creation of SEO friendly editorial that reads both professionally and fluently.

Previous content written includes; press releases, articles, blogs, sales collateral and web page editorial covering a variety of industries such as automotive, home improvement, utilities, fashion, technology, and online marketing topics.

Stephanie S. has extensive experience in the online marketing industry with direct responsibility for the creation of sales tools, marketing materials, and blog content. Due to her professional business experience in the consumer products and online marketing industries, Stephanie S. has a keen understanding of content requirements for both B2B or B2C editorial.

Stephanie S. has contributed content for news outlets and local media, which have been published on significant online and print news publications Nationwide.
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Stephanie S. through her personal interests in the automotive industry is knowledgeable and passionate about cars and automotive topics including reviews, events, and repairs.

Additionally, Stephanie S. has experience through her previous online marketing career covering online marketing topics and services including the creation of SEO friendly news articles, blogs, and web page content for industries including Health and Wellness, Used Auto Sales, Automotive Repair, and Utilities.


Stephanie S. is a car enthusiast at heart and has coordinated automotive enthusiast events for 10 years. Stephanie S. also is an avid online shopper and enjoys learning and writing about new products and services.


Moorpark Community College

Stephanie S. attended Moorpark Community college and was enrolled in creative writing courses from 2002 - 2004. Upon graduation, Stephanie S. continued her passion for creative writing through a variety of online publications and blog sites.

Search Marketing

400 Projects Completed

Stephanie S. has extensive experience with online marketing and specifically SEO formatting and requirements in the creation of online content regarding services for individuals and businesses alike.

With hands on experience in SEO strategy and implementation Stephanie S. has provided content for online marketing agencies Nationwide to include press articles and service descriptions.


206 Projects Completed

Through the coordination of large scale automotive enthusiast events, Stephanie S. has contributed press materials, web content, and marketing collateral for the automotive industry regarding new vehicle launches and for used car dealerships.

Stephanie S. attends auto shows, conventions, and press events and provides recaps and reviews on auto components for vehicles as well as website content for auto dealerships and service shops Nationwide.


200 Projects Completed

Stephanie S. has contributed blogs and website content for professional utility companies throughout the country. From painters, septic, HVAC, plumbing, and roofing services, Stephanie S. has written ongoing content to attract new customers and promote local services provided.

Her blogs have featured specials, "how to" topics, and informative content that every homeowner should


26 Projects Completed

Through local health clubs, Stephanie S. has provided content for both blogs and website content related to personal training, class schedules, as well as fitness suggestions and recommendations.

From health and fitness tips to new services and classes, Stephanie S. has worked with a variety of fitness institutions in creating online website content.


22 Projects Completed

Stephanie S. has provided blogs and website content for a variety of online health and wellness businesses including Naturopathic practices and alternative medicine facilities.

Previous content included products and services offered as well as specials, relevant information, industry news, advice, and localized SEO page content to encourage additional customer appointments and conversion.


11 Projects Completed

As an avid collector of Pez dispensers and movie memorabilia, Stephanie S. has written a myriad of content discussing collectibles and hobbies.

From watching Back to the Future growing up and spending time at trade shows and conventions, Stephanie's hobbies include films, attending automotive events, and collectibles.


10 Projects Completed

As a seasoned online shopper always looking for the best deal available, Stephanie S. has written for a myriad of fashion blogs and online resources. Through her personal sense and passion of fashion and the fashion industry, Stephanie S. loves to write about trends, predictions, and the best places to shop.

From Target finds to Nordstrom, Stephanie S. stays abreast of what is next and how to style it, regardless of your budget.


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