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Catherine is a freelance public relations specialist and copywriter helping clients' effectively communicate their messages to consumers. After earning her bachelor's degree in public relations, she worked at an advertising agency for 10 years. In that time, she began as a media assistant and now works with the media and a variety of clients to manage their reputations by creating authentic content. She also has experience in customer service, marketing, media relations and social media.
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Catherine specializes in writing press releases and marketing copy for websites, brochures, flyers and radio ads.


Catherine is drafting her debut historical fiction novel. In addition to writing, she enjoys researching and learning new things, reading, history, sports, travel and dance.


Louisiana State University in Shreveport

Catherine transferred to LSUS from Rivier College in 2003. She graduated with honors in Public Relations and received the Mass Communications-Public Relations Academic Award. She continued her education with a class on social media for business in 2009.


23 Projects Completed

Catherine worked at a small, full service advertising agency for 10 years. In that time, she's worked on a variety of marketing projects. She's helped a local news station arrange focus groups to improve their broadcasts and increase viewership, researched trends in a variety of markets, gathered media data, written media summary reports and conducted rebranding research. She's also written press releases and marketing copy for a range of clients including an automotive dealership, a few political campaigns and a honey producer. She's written copy for direct mail pieces, websites, letters, product descriptions, radio ads, flyers and brochures.


16 Projects Completed

While Catherine has written a variety of press releases aimed at reaching families, many of them have focused on special events including music festivals and parades. She has also written product descriptions for an educational toy manufacturer, which were included with each product and listed on the company's website. Catherine's most comprehensive kids/family project was creating awareness for a folk life and living history fundraiser. That project entailed writing a press release, radio ads of various lengths and flyers geared towards increasing attendance of families at an educational event in support of a museum. She also wrote copy for brochures to inspire fieldtrips which were distributed to area schools throughout the school year.


11 Projects Completed

Catherine has written press releases for various events and news associated with a collegiate football bowl game including football clinics, pep rallies, sports trivia events and team announcements. She's also written marketing summary reports which enable the bowl game's board members to plan improvements for next year's bowl game. Her sports writing experience also includes a press release on a partnership between an automotive dealership and little league baseball to raise funding for youth baseball.

Press Release

13 Projects Completed

Catherine worked as a public relations specialist at an advertising agency for 10 years and has a bachelor's degree in public relations. In that time she's helped a variety of clients manage their reputations by writing and editing press releases to generate positive awareness. She taught herself the art of pitching to local media and has achieved a story pick up rate of 70%. She's written press releases on a range of topics from company news to special events.

Direct Mail

4 Projects Completed

Catherine's direct mail copy experience is mainly in the political sector. Her copy is geared towards reaching voters in the lesser known elections, particularly school board candidates. Her direct mail copy aimed at educating voters on both the role of the position and on each candidate's agenda while in office. This experience has given her insight into understanding and reaching a broad audience.

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