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Rachel T has an extensive background in business and real estate and spent 12 years in management for a Fortune 500 company where she gained extensive knowledge of corporate business procedures, HR management, and project management. Rachel has written SEO articles for numerous clients, as well as blog posts which span many areas of knowledge. Marketing was a large piece of her work in her former career and she has the skills to assist you with either your SEO writing or blog writing for your website.


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  • Real Estate100+
  • Food50+
  • Insurance20+
  • Staffing10+
  • Office10+
  • Outdoor/Recreation8
  • Business6

Summary of Industry Experience

Real Estate

Rachel T. has worked in the Real Estate industry as a sales representative as both a buyers and sellers agent. She has also worked as virtual assistant in the foreclosure market where she was responsible for maintenance of listed properties, as well as the maintenance of real estate specific software.


Rachel T. has an extensive background in the foodservice industry which spans 25 years of service to the public in this field. Career duties including food inventory maintenance, menu development, team development and profit and loss responsibilities.


Rachel T. worked in the insurance industry for two years. The emphasis was life, health and medicare insurance and she was responsible for file maintenance and customer satisfaction during this tenure. Maintenance of standard operating procedures, form development and maintenance were also part of the job.


Rachel T. has been responsible for hiring, teaching and discipline of staffs in excess of 125 team members. Rachel's experience with staffing has led her to develop teams who are capable, well trained and who have gone on to further their own careers due to the enthusiasm that went in to their development.


Rachel T. has extensive experience with office functions that span four industries. She was part of teams who were responsible for setting up new offices for newly contracted services. She has also conducted contract positions which aided business owners with the development and profitability of their businesses.


Rachel T. has boating experience that began in childhood and still has a passion for all water sports. As an avid sailor she has owned and maintained her own sailboats and has taught sailing to those who wanted to enjoy the sport.


Rachel T's management skills were develop over a 12 year tenure with Aramark campus services. Management of college food service facilities taught her the value of building a great team that was able to grow the business. The team worked together to grow profits over 75% in a four year period.

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