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Terri began her writing career in college. She studied as an intern with SEIDCON, INC. As an intern, Terri was given exposure to a skilled team of writers and studied the Shipley Proposal Method. Since graduation, Terri has worked as a freelance ghost writer. Terri's philosophy, as a writer, is to communicate effectively to the target audience. As a writer, she believes her role is to convey a message, and a ghostwriter must always understand and convey the message of the client. A well-developed writer must be able to conduct research in a timely manner, and always have a warrant and evidence to support a claim. Professional writers are able to clearly and effectively convey a message that will please the client and interest the target audience.


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Terri has experience ghost writing for a local travel blog.

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Terri performs ghost writing services for blogs, articles, and reviews on many topics.


Terri has experience as a ghost writer. She writes health articles and blogs on behalf on several clients.


Terri has experience ghost writing for a local travel blog.

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