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Patricia demonstrates a proficiency in the legal field (legal terms and composition), experience in the educational field as a bilingual aide (proficiency in Spanish), and exhibits excellent skills in English vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure. She has written extensively for Yahoo Voices, producing articles in several genres, including TV and book reviews, cooking and recipe articles, holiday-specific assignments, DIY projects, local business reviews and opinion pieces.


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Articles on balanced eating (meal planning, vegetarian meals, including recipes).

Industry Projects

  • Kids/Family10+
  • Legal9
  • Food9
  • Hobby8
  • Health8
  • Entertainment7
  • Home Living6
  • Humor5
  • Politics5
  • Education5
  • Women2

Summary of Industry Experience


Articles on meal planning and nutrition, cost saving tips, educational articles on the history of holidays, party planning, finding a dietary balance with natural versus processed foods.


Extensive experience in the legal field as a legal assistant; articles written on the question of possible issues of defamation on Facebook and Prenup Agreements.


Several articles produced in the areas of cooking/recipes, meal planning, Cuban and Thai cuisine, cost-conscious meals and vegetarian fare.


Editorial-style or "viewpoint" articles, including articles on social media (dangers of defamation, time consumption, hoaxes), humorous articles on the political process, social media, celebrity, DIY and Internet misinformation.


Preparation of articles by diligently researching the areas of osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and endometriosis (symptoms, diagnosis and recommended treatments) as well as the subject of breast cancer support groups.


Patricia has published reviews of books and television shows. An avid reader, she prefers non-fiction and historical works. She has reviewed celebrity biographies and television series, writing for an on-line media resource.

Home Living

Articles on balanced eating (meal planning, vegetarian meals, including recipes).


Light, humorous and sometimes slightly snarky articles about the Internet, politics, history, Facebook, Pinterest and other areas of interest.


A keen observer of politics and legislation; several articles written (slightly liberal slant) regarding political parties, poverty, elections and other past and current political issues.


Articles on history of holidays, Earth Day and Memorial Day, as well as an article regarding presidential election tactics, current and historical.


Extensive interest in women's issues, parity for women in the U.S., the struggle of women in foreign countries to obtain equality and rights, and the historical context of women's rights.

Product Projects

  • Article50+

Summary of Product Experience


On-line articles written on a variety of subjects: holidays, local restaurants and other businesses, legal articles, opinion pieces regarding social media, politics and Internet misinformation, cooking and meal-planning, health articles, book and TV reviews, humor and DIY articles.

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