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Lacy has over two years of experience writing user-generated content, 11 months of experience with online journalism and a year of experience with writing SEO content. She very much enjoys the latter and has learned to make client satisfaction her top priority. Whether she is assisting a client in doing so or otherwise, she finds passing on information about what she's learned to be a very rewarding experience. Up to this point, she has written for a variety of categories from animals to travel and especially enjoys writing about home and family, art, health, science (especially psychology), spirituality and religion.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Lacy has experience as a YouthFriends volunteer and also in volunteering for the Uniteen program at Unity Church of Overland Park. Below is a sample she wrote for an online journalism site.


Since it ties in with her personal interests and interests in psychology, Lacy has mostly written pieces here and there on disabilities and mental illness though she has also written a few about injury and the law and insurance. Below is a sample that she wrote for an online journalism site.


Since this is also one of Lacy's interests, the good majority of the articles she's written in this category up to this point have been recreational. Below is a sample that she wrote for an online journalism site.

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