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Freelance commercial writing assignments from small businesses, agencies, and churches, to include writing ad copy, brochures, flyers, historical data, operations and procedures manuals, Web content, speechwriting, biographical sketches, news magazines, newsletters, forms creation and management, direct marketing materials, and occasion poetry.


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  • Technology50+
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  • Spirituality8

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Ghostwritten blog posts and Web content for various blog and website owners. Topic exposure spans mobile, desktop, tablet, and various handheld devices. Also includes articles covering general information base of primary operating systems. Specializing in topical knowledge of Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) operating systems. Limited technical coverage in the area of hardware.

Self Help

Writer has personally authored five books in the self-help genre. Three additional books in this niche are in process. Has also contributed to newsletters, blogs, and church news magazines on this subject. Has been a contributing ghost author to two self-help books. Has acted as a consultant for other authors who write in this genre.


Blog posts for various blog owners on the subject of spirituality and personal growth. Writer has also personally authored books on the same subject matter. Contributed articles to church newsletters and news magazines. Blog posts and articles either written on assignment, spec, or self-generated. Also, writer's primary business blog is in the area of spirituality.

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