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Jill has versatile writing experience with a strong work ethic and successful track record. Her main areas of expertise include speechwriting, copywriting, social media, web and news writing, and editing. Her main subject areas include travel, religion, education, fitness, personal interest and community engagement. She holds a Ph.D. in a humanities field and serves as managing editor of a semi-annual magazine as well as oversees executive communications and speechwriting in her current job at a university. In her personal life, Jill enjoys travel, tennis, pop culture and wine tasting.


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Jill has some experience in this area, but is open to more.

Industry Projects

  • Education100+
  • Spirituality100+
  • Travel50+
  • Non Profit50+
  • Real Estate20+
  • Health10+
  • Home Living10+
  • Fitness10+
  • Relationships5
  • Medical2

Summary of Industry Experience


Jill has vast experience writing about education, as she currently works for an educational institution as Sr. writer. In her current role, Jill oversees all executive communications at a university, including presidential speeches, emails, talking points, etc. In addition, she serves as managing editor of the university's semi-annual alumni magazine. Her other duties include homepage feature writing, editing all communication assets, and social media management.


This is Jill's first area of expertise, as her Ph.D. is in religion. She has written several articles for publication as well as full manuscripts on the topic. She can write about many different spiritualities as well, as she has taught various courses in World Religions.


Jill has recently taken on more work related to travel and enjoys it greatly, as she is an avid traveler herself, having been to 25 countries and 4 continents. Because of this, Jill has a strong grasp of what travelers are looking for in travel content. She has written for clients in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Azerbaijan, as well as general topics about studying and interning abroad.

Non Profit

Jill has a great deal of experience working and writing for educational institutions, and she currently works for the fundraising arm of a University. In addition, Jill has served in leadership capacities for many non-profit organizations and has written a variety of communication pieces in those positions.

Real Estate

Jill has written somewhat extensively on real estate, and her experience is only continuing to grow. When it comes to real estate, Jill has written pieces such as real estate agent bios, property management website content, info pieces on cities, and much more. In addition, Jill has a love for real estate and currently owns several real estate investments.


Jill has written somewhat extensively on Health and Wellness, as she maintains her own personal blog devoted to this area.

Home Living

Jill has written for several clients in this area. She is also scheduled to be a main contributor of stylisheve.com, a Fashion, Wedding and Home Living Website. She has also written for clients in the UK regarding Home Decor.


Jill has some experience in the Fitness industry and would like to become more well versed in this particular area.


Jill has not written much in this area but is open to it.


Jill has some experience in this area, but is open to more.

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