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Cathy has a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology and a Masters degree in History, specializing in women's history. She is currently an instructor for History and Geography at a two year college, where she has worked for over 6 years. In that time she has taught a variety of subjects including Early American History, Modern American History, World Civilization I & II, American Government, Cultural Geography, and 20-21st Century History. She created the first Women's Studies course at the college, which included writing curriculum and developing course material. She is now focusing on designing and teaching online courses. This process entails writing curriculum, knowledge of the software used to design online courses, and the ability to communicate successfully in writing to students both locally and overseas. Cathy also has experience writing, developing and presenting professional development material on the subject of teaching in the online environment.


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Cathy has designed and written curriculum for four online courses, paid as separate contract work beyond her salaried position. She has also written a number of professional development seminars that she and others have then presented. Finally, she has written a number of paid textbook reviews, usually ranging from 100-200 words a piece.


Cathy has worked on and off for 15 years creating successful press releases, flyers, blog announcements, and business cards for various non-profit animal rescue groups. The majority of her work has been promotional in nature.


Cathy has extensive experience blogging game, television and gaming reviews for her own blog, other blogs, websites and print publications.

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Cathy has successfully created blog posts, flyers, press releases and business cards for a number of animal rescue organizations. She has also designed promotional materials for a Health and Wellness Coach and an Equine Massage Therapist.

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