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After ten years of working as a freelance writer, Tara Leigh has researched and written about so many subjects for so many genres she couldn't possibly list them all! Her writing appears in print and online, and includes web articles, erotica, magazine features, SEO pieces, and a travel book that sold in Barnes and Noble stores. She's a member of the Playwrights' Center and received a satire honor from the Trim Swift Festival in Ireland. She has also served as an artist director on several writing projects. In addition to writing, Tara Leigh has starred in numerous plays in Chicago, Miami and NYC as well as two commercials (Verizon and PBS). She also worked as a voiceover artist for Johnson & Johnson and Japanese anime. She relishes travel and lists Charleston, Savannah, London, Paris and Venice among her favorite cities. She performs hula-hoop dance, enjoys speed-related workouts, cooks/bakes, and loves caring for her pets.


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Tara Leigh has written for iTriage, FibroDaily.com, private dental offices in L.A., and plastic surgeons in L.A. She has also interviewed the staff of nursing homes in the U.S. for a Northwest marketing company.


Tara Leigh has written a travel feature for THE MARKET MAGAZINE (London), a travel book for Schiffer Publishing, and numerous travel article and SEO pieces covering North America, Europe, and Thailand.


Tara Leigh has written a humorous lifestyle piece for YOU AND ME MAGAZINE in addition to humorous erotica pieces for a London publisher. She received a satire shortlisting honor from the Trim Swift Festival in Ireland (the festival honors famous satirist Jonathan Swift.)

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