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Robin is the mother of two boys, and a full-time freelance writer. She began writing professionally in 2006 with submissions of personal essays that focused on the humor of parenting. Since then, she has evolved in the world of writing and currently specializes in producing high-quality content and blog posts.

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Robin spent seventeen years in the gaming industry dealing Blackjack, Poker and other casino games throughout California and Nevada, before retiring to follow a passion. In 2011, she re-enrolled into college and is currently working to obtain a B.S in Human Services Administration. A volunteer position at a homeless shelter in 2010 prompted this life change.

Her writing has been featured online, in newspapers and Parents for Parent's magazine (2008).
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In 2010 she started as the volunteer coordinator for a local non-profit and within a couple years, she was the shelter house manager, fundraising coordinator and board member; instrumental in developing and writing grants, proposals, policy and procedures, house rules and job descriptions for volunteers.

Today she lives on a small ranch in Northern California. She enjoys collecting and selling vintage items, attending live auctions, advocating for our homeless population, supporting community, board games and naps.


Parenting, Poker, Human Services, Homeless, Non-Profit, Leadership, Girly Stuff, Mommy Insights, Personal Perspectives, Religion, Vintage and Antiques, Travel, Writing, Mental Health, Beauty, How-To, Relationships, Dating, Cooking, Recipes


Kaplan University

Robin is committed to completing her education in Human Service Administration with a goal to work behind the scenes in non-profit capacities. Her passion to help our homeless population was instrumental in this life changing decision.

Her education combines administration instruction in addition to case management study which will allow her to work with those in need.


201 Projects Completed

Robin has led fundraising committees for many organizations, school programs, and non-profit charities. As a part of this role, she has created marketing brochures, flyers, emails, and correspondence that are geared toward raising money and awareness. As Chairman for the PTA Art Auction 2014, she created marketing banners, digital advertising, and press releases for local newspapers in addition to organizing the event with members. Her expertise in writing helped the school generate much needed revenue for new school equipment.

In her efforts to increase awareness about the issue of homelessness, with the non-profit organization, HOST, she diligently marketed to local businesses, community members, and newspapers to spread the word. Her ability to organize and correspond had a tremendous impact on the fundraising proceeds.


151 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Robin began reselling antiques and vintage items, a year ago after an accidental introduction. Antique collections from her family sparked curiosity that inspired research. This ultimately led her to establish an Etsy.com store and a Facebook group page devoted to buying and selling collectibles and antiques within her community.

She created rules, regulations and guidelines for the Facebook community in addition to helpful tips for sellers and buyers.

Her experience includes researching items to determine estimated value and information that identifies individual pieces as antique or vintage.

She has written hundreds of product descriptions with a sales slant intended to generate excitement for the purpose of sales.

She currently buys vintage items at local auction houses, yard sales and online marketplaces for the purpose of resell.


123 Projects Completed

Robin developed a knack for producing travel articles that depicted local hotels and attractions for websites including traveltips.usatoday.com and trails.com. These articles included research, development and insider tips to individual locations across the globe.


112 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

As a poker dealer for 17-years, Robin has extensive knowledge pertaining to the world of poker and gaming. Her perspectives as a dealer landed her an editorial spot in Northern California Poker-Room News, where she shared insight and tips into the game. She has written reviews of both live poker rooms and online casinos that go beyond poker. She plays poker, bingo, keno and slots as a hobby.

She has also produced content directly relating to strategy on playing poker, how-to guides to different games and reviews of online and live casinos.

Her travels as a poker dealer introduced her to unique personalities of the game and in 2010, she dealt at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Nevada.


60 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Robin has created original articles for various websites detailing specific restaurants, menus and destinations. Her first-hand accounts of dining experiences and local food, can be found at Yahoo! Voices.

She has written blog posts, articles and website content for clients that are specific to individual businesses in the food industry.

As a mother, she's always trying to find interesting ways to create new recipes. She has developed and written recipes that cater to the taste buds of both children and adults.

Her restaurant, food and cooking experience also includes 5 years as a server and bartender.

Her love for cooking began at an early age-back before cable television. With access to only seven television channels, she regularly watched PBS to avoid the news programming. Early cooking shows like "Yan Can Cook" became captivating and ultimately inspired her. Today, she is a self-proclaimed addict of the Food Network.


39 Projects Completed

Robin has produced personal essays and articles directly related to her own life as a mother. As a content writer she has crafted pieces that focus on issues dealing with teens, balancing work and family, fitness ideas and recipes.

Her published work can be found at Yahoo! Voices and Imperfectparent.com. Other pieces were written as a ghostwriter.

Her studies in Human Service Administration through Kaplan University have enhanced her personal experiences with her own life. Her education portfolio includes completion of these courses that emphasize expertise in family development: Psychology, Advocacy for Families and Youth, Studies in Child and Adolescent Development, Case Management and Child Welfare and Family.

Non Profit

32 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

As the house manager and coordinator of volunteers for a local homeless shelter, Robin constructed materials on a variety of topics. She developed employee hand books, policies and procedures and worked on countless marketing campaigns that included emails, flyers and Powerpoint presentations.

As a member of the Parent Teacher Club, she has marked on marketing fundraiser events and press releases to local newspapers.


30 Projects Completed

Robin has written on the subject of Spirituality from a personal perspective that capture her own journey, as a member of a faith-based organization that served our homeless population. Her passion for helping others led to case management with guests that included sharing her knowledge of faith and spirituality.

Her blog documented a year long exploration into religion that found her researching different religions, churches, and prayer groups. Her humanitarian efforts found her helping with specific missions that taught individual spirituality in an effort to help others manage their lives.


28 Projects Completed

Robin has been endorsed for web page content about the hair business by a client of WriterAccess. The content included information about refund and exchange policies for beauty products and services. She "exceeded expectations" on several orders and "met expectations" on others.


7 Projects Completed

Robin was born and raised in the heartland of agriculture that defines the landscape of Northern California. She has worked in the agriculture field seasonally over the course of 20-years. Her experience includes a plant nursery, tomato fields, and a tomato cannery. She was active with the Future Farmers of America as a high school student and participated in state-level contests that focused on public speaking, debate, and leadership with the area of agriculture.

As a writer,she has produced work relating to pesticides, gardening, and rural living.


246 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

As content writer, Robin has written scores of research enhanced articles that focus on SEO keyword arrangement. Her work is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the online content market. She recognizes the importance of engaging the reader with quality writing that is readable and new.

White Paper

115 Projects Completed

Robin has a complete understanding of online writing and the psychology of writers. She completed academy courses, designed by Yahoo! that detailed how online content is evolving to capture the readers attention with shorter sentences and more white space. I've created over 30 articles specific to white space with headers, bullet points and creative formatting.

Blog Post

103 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Blog posts are in high-demand right now, and Robin is spending about 75% of her time producing content for a variety of industries. Her career with Writer Access is reaching the 1 month mark, in which time, she's created six blog posts for clients and received three "exceeded expectations" on her work. The other three "met expectations" accordingly.

As an online writer, her resume for the blog post asset is continuing to rise. She understands principles for writing quality posts, uses research and ideation to develop content, implements SEO techniques, understands writing for online readers with white space, and is trained in producing eye-grabbing titles.

Industries that she's written for include: Hotels, Transportation, Real Estate, Non-Profits, Construction, Technology, Business Development, Food Industry, Home and Family, Children and Religion.

Robin captivated readers with her own blog about a spiritual journey to seek truth in religion. Her writing captures the vulnerability of truthful searching and honesty.

Web Page

68 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Robin has developed web page content for businesses covering a variety of fields. She has been endorsed by a company through Writer Access for work on web page content for its beauty line. In addition to this, she has researched and developed content for websites in areas of fashion, insurance, manufacturing, careers, gaming, medical, non-profit and personal sites.

Her experience includes HTML format and concrete SEO marketing content.

Facebook Post

60 Projects Completed

Robin has written Facebook posts for clients of WriterAccess, a nonprofit organization, and as an independent contractor providing writing services. She understands the changing landscape of social media, and recognizes how important it is to engage an audience. As a writer, it's important to create posts that grab readers with visuals, thought provoking facts, and questions. She believes in providing useful information specific to the interest of the audience, and believes genuine networking is still the most important aspect of social networking.


40 Projects Completed

Robin's ability to write and deliver a speech began in her Freshman year of high school. Throughout her high school days, she excelled at the leadership aspects of the organization, Future Farmer of America. As a local and regional officer, she gave speeches across Northern California. As an adult, Robin has used this skill to promote people, organizations, and ideas at churches, meetings, and in local political arenas.

Press Release

5 Projects Completed

Robin has composed many press releases for non-profit organizations and businesses. Her expertise is not limited to one specific field. She has developed newspaper articles to announce start-up businesses as well as promotional releases for fundraising events on the non-profit level.

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