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Rachel has been an active freelance writer for about six months, and in that time she has worked for nine different clients. She has copy-written SEO articles about travel, beauty products, home improvement, and wall decals.She has also written a series of articles about college life for two different websites. Finally, she runs a travel blog where she covers a variety of topics including destination spotlights, travel tips, and musings on travel in general. She is also a freelance editor, and she uses the skills gotten from those jobs to polish her own writing to ensure it is of the highest quality.


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Industry Projects

  • Relationships20+
  • Beauty20+
  • Travel8

Summary of Industry Experience


Rachel wrote a series of articles about dating in college for a website that covers all aspects of college life. She covered many issues that come up in relationships. These include how to meet people, how to tell if someone likes you, how to tell if a relationship is working, ideas for dates, and when to decide if it's time to break-up.


Rachel wrote an article for a company's beauty blog about the benefits of coconut oil for hair health and growth. She has also written a series of articles about beauty tips for girls in college which included makeup ideas, fashion tips, and ways to boost self-confidence and self-esteem.


Rachel has both worked for clients in the travel industry and run her own travel blog. On her travel blog, she tells travel stories and given destination tips. For her clients, she has written research-based articles about various destinations. She has also written articles that give advice to various types of travelers, including solo travelers and families.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Rachel has written blog posts in a variety of fields. These include beauty, travel, college tips and advice, home improvement, and home decoration. These blog posts have ranged in length from 400-1000 words. Some have been research-based, some were based on Rachel's personal experiences, and others were based on information given by the client.

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