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Amber has been writing personal projects for years, but has never broken into the industry of professional freelance. She is eager to meet your needs and build her portfolio.
Green Living


Amber is interested in a variety of topics, including animal husbandry, environmental responsibility, and child development.


Southern New Hampshire University

Amber is currently pursuing her degree.


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Amber has been exploring an array of spiritual paths since she was seventeen and now classifies herself as an eclectic pagan. Constantly reading and searching for new insights, her expertise is ever-expanding.

Green Living

1 Projects Completed

After losing her mother to breast cancer as a young adult, Amber immersed herself in the world of natural living. She is fascinated by topics such as homeopathic medicine, sustainable energy, and organic GMO-free foods. Her interest has expanded beyond a desire to maintain her personal health to all things related to living an environmentally friendly lifestyle.


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Amber has worked the majority of her adult life in childcare. She enjoys being able to make a positive difference in the lives of her children, and strives to make every day an opportunity to grow for herself and the kids.


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