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Mostly self-taught, Jeff's skills are rooted in wisdom and integrity, and branch out to an air of adaptability.

Writing for 22 years, and editing for over 14, Jeff has spent his life trying to help others via both physical aid and mental counseling while sustaining a connection with nature, empathy, and holding paramount the correction of errors -- whether they be errors of the Self, the Community, or the World. Research into politics, economics, history, religion, education, health, parenting, psychology, science and quantum physics has taken him on a journey to and through many rabbit holes, plucking facts from misinformation on both sides in order to draw objective conclusions others may have overlooked. Despite being difficult to persuade, he believes in being open to shift paradigms in the light of new, and correct, information. After all, as the great Aristotle once said, "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain an idea without accepting it."

Jeff strives not for profit, but for sharing pertinence-encrusted information and helping others. He prefers not to collect more than he needs because when that happens in our bodies, we call it cancer. The world has too much cancer, so he's pushing for the healing paths nature provides, for people to use their power rather than give it away, for the benefit of the planet and thus, humankind. Recent first-time parenting experience has amplified that passion.

15 years of photography has helped develop a perspective eye for prospective opportunities, as well as attempting to see beauty in places others may mistake for pain or sorrow. Life can be like photography if we just take a shot, see what comes of it, develop from the negatives, and keep taking shots.

Everything is opportunity, and it's always better to learn to dance in the rain than wait for the storm to pass.


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So far only self-published, ordering books and selling them -- not only to friends and family but also strangers -- has allowed J.T. to build experience in marketability. Creating a "first edition" published piece may have given some readers of said books a financial advantage if the completed story's roots grow fame.

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So far only self-published, ordering books and selling them -- not only to friends and family but also strangers -- has allowed J.T. to build experience in marketability. Creating a "first edition" published piece may have given some readers of said books a financial advantage if the completed story's roots grow fame.


As a middle child with two older and two younger siblings, J.T. has accrued family mediation and observation skills, as well as communication and relationship development. This author has synthesized his own life experiences and knowledge about family and relationships with more experienced role models like Dr. Sears, Dr. Greene, Gary Chapman, and even Ross Campbell; the works of whom he has studied with a passion.

J.T. is well versed in detecting and neutralizing covert bullying, of all types, including simple techniques and solutions in dealing with such atrocious behaviors. He has found that most solutions are revealed by digging to the root of any problem, rather than covering up or dealing with only symptoms, and has discovered that the base of most family issues are either lack of empathy or poor communication.

Through his writing, J.T. will demonstrate how the branches of any given family tree may be ambiguous -- varying due to the uniqueness of each family, and analogous to different types of bark and leaves or residing animals and insects -- but overall, the roots are still roots in need of nutrient-rich soil, pure water, and plenty of life-giving sunlight! To J.T., the value of what kind of trees our future seeds will grow into are paramount in pertinence.

Personal experience in Fatherhood is rather new, but still has only affirmed what J.T. has already learned. With a wife, and daughter born in January of 2013, his knowledge and wisdom of children and family is ever growing.


J.T. has absorbed the works of Gary Chapman, author of "The Five Love Languages" series, and reflected within to realize the "love languages" can also be applied to the Self.

"If each individual is whole, relationships tend to also be whole," he says, knowing from several of his own past relationships failings. J.T. has learned that empathy and communication, paired with active listening and the ability to admit errors so they can be corrected, are essential from both parties in order for the relationship to be a harmony; harmony is balance and balance always brings bliss.


Endowed with a stable root structure of learning ability, J.T. is mostly self-taught. Remaining credit can be attributed to all the people and external affectuations, including but not limited to the public education system which -- beyond middle school -- mostly reinforced his choice to continue to self teach by showing him how not to teach.

J.T. has helped others learn along the way, and continues to educate others via an increasing reservoir of knowledge and wisdom, even when not paid for the service, happily. When taking the Long Ridge Writer's Group course, he detected a couple typos, marking them for whomever would grade the test, and filled out the "describe how to perform a task" section with a "how to" about teaching yourself to perform a task.

Years later, when attempting an online college course, J.T. assisted the professor in answering questions from other students, essentially acting as a teacher-aid for an English class.


Since the age of fourteen, externally-taught morals did not make sense to J.T.. Raised Mormon, he began exploring other religions because he just could not accept that Mormonism held absolute truth. Through that journey, he adopted the Buddhist-Shaman type perspective while keeping an open mind, open to any correction of errors or new information that could possibly shift paradigms. Fifteen years later, he has finally found a comfortable niche in Spirituality, with a stable foundation built from researching many religions, and ancient history including the Gnostics and Celts who were slaughtered for trying to contest the validity of Salvationism (the Abrahamic religions). Ultimately, J.T. has concluded that the root problem of people not having morals is not a lack of religion, but rather a suffering of a psychosis pathogen called Wetiko, that is both collective and individual, a lack of empathy, and cognitive dissonance which inhibits the learning process.

Aside from knowledge and wisdom, J.T. has applied his experience delving into and through spiritual rabbit holes to raw people and their real life issues in the form of counseling, advice, and leadership.

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