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Vic D. is a Master of Business Administration and is also both a Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Information Systems Auditor. He has worked in the fields of public accounting, insurance, as well as SEO content creation for over 5 years. He has extensive prior knowledge in SEO content creation. Areas of expertise include technology, business, health, travel, as well as entertainment. He has run several blogs in the past covering both health and technology topics. His ability to show great personal attention to his clients has allowed him to build up a reputation as a tremendous freelance writer for any project. If he does not know the answer or how to tackle a project, he is going to work to make sure the client is happy and satisfied before his work is done. This has allowed him to grow as a writer over the years with his experience in tow.


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Vic is a technology guru. He started his career writing SEO driven content by running several technology blogs. These blogs attracted hundreds of thousands of readers on a monthly basis. He has industry contacts that keep him up to date on the latest in the smart phone, video game, as well as general gadget categories. His expertise in the technology industry is simply due to his passion for it and everything involved in it.


Vic used to run several health specific blogs and also has had several health clients in the past. His knowledge spans from years of living a healthy and active lifestyle. He was a college athlete and continues to study intensively to keep up with the latest in the health world. He reads up on the latest health studies, exercise trends, as well as new ways to treat your body right and improve your overall health.

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