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Tiersa is a freelance writer from York, Pennsylvania and graduated from Dallastown Area High School in 1990. Before freelance writing, she worked as a Web Content Writer where she was responsible for creating and managing all written content for business services pages and arranging written travel advertisement information before publication. She also worked for BoscoSEO where she had the opportunity to write for websites like Homesecuritysystems.org and cheaphotels.net. She has also written on several home improvement blog posts for Homeclick.com


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Tiersa has written 1 car insurance topic titled "The Skinny on finding Car Insurance for Young Teen Drivers on bubblews.com

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  • Relationships20+
  • Travel20+
  • Home Living10+
  • Health5
  • Green Living4
  • Fashion2
  • Fitness1
  • Green Products1
  • Marketing1
  • Medical1
  • Nutrition1
  • Real Estate1
  • Technology1
  • Insurance1
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Summary of Industry Experience


Tiersa has written for datingsite.org for two years through Bosco SEO and has also published many guest posts on this topic.


Tiersa has written on numerous travel topics throughout her 10 year freelance career including websites such as cheaphotels.net and many others.

Home Living

Tiersa has written 10 published articles for the Homeclick.com community and continues to be available for any interior design or creative DIY writing opportunities.


Tiersa has written a few medical topics and was a medical copywriter for Viamed.com.au where she wrote medical topics on premature ejaculation problems for men.

Green Living

Tiersa has written a few alternative energy source articles in relation to green living. These include Geothermal heating, wind turbine and solar sailboats


Tiersa has written a few fashion articles titled "Enchanting Your Groom-Creating Romance with Soft Spring Palettes and Dreamy Fabrics and
"European Fashionistas and leading lady trend setters" for the Beyond Jane Blog.


Tiersa has written one humorous guest post on for genpink.com on fitness. Its a comical look at dating and fitness intertwined and how exercise won't break your heart.

Green Products

Tiersa has written one green product article for BrightHub.com which talks about the advances of earth friendly sailboats and new and interesting designs.


Tiersa has published one online article on the topic of marketing media campaigns and how big name advertising companies have gotten sued for trademark infringement.


Tiersa has published a handful of medical topics online and has also worked as a medical copywriter for Viamed.com.


Tiersa has written and published one nutrition article on Healthmad.com that discusses the importance of giving kids organic milk vs. conventional milk and its benefits.

Real Estate

Tiersa has written this real estate themed article for Homeclick.com titled "Renovating-Smart Improvements that can alter the Value of Your Home"


Tiersa has written one electronic/technology article for bubblews.com titled "The Evolution of Wireless Technology-Past, Present and Future" which outlines how wireless technology took root in modern civilization.


Tiersa has written 1 car insurance topic titled "The Skinny on finding Car Insurance for Young Teen Drivers on bubblews.com


Tiersa has written one article on a food topic on bubblews.com titled "Food Ideas for a Disney Frozen Birthday Party". Provides parents with some good ideas for themed birthday food and snacks.

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