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Meghan is an experienced content writer who feels as though she's been writing since childhood. While she started writing small stories in grade school, her passion for writing took off when she became the editor of her high school newspaper as a sophomore. After high school she took a job with an online company writing articles, SEO content, services pages, and landing pages. Since then she's been writing for content mills, online businesses, and other Internet writing. Some of her favorite and more extensive topics include computers, home and family, business, home improvement, software, and home improvement.

Meghan is a dedicated, full-time freelance writer. This means she's committed to completing your work quickly. She types 102 wpm which gives her an advantage over other writers. She's always available to respond to your messages if any problems arise.


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Meghan P's Business Industry Experience

400 Projects Completed

Meghan has written extensively in the areas of business and management. The topics covered have consisted of home-based business, online business, skills and training, business financing, and other topics.

Industry Projects

  • High Tech1,000+
  • Home Living500+
  • Hardware500+
  • Business100+
  • Software100+

Summary of Industry Experience

High Tech

As an IT professional, Meghan has picked up many high tech articles over the last few years. She enjoys writing about information technology and learning about new high tech topics of interest. She's extremely knowledgeable in information technology with over 8 years of computer experience in fixing computers physically and through remote control access.

Home Living

Meghan has written on a multitude of aspects of home living. From non-chemical cleaning product solutions and do-it-yourself renovations to organization, family ideas, and much, much more. Meghan loves writing about home and family topics that engage and intrigue readers to give them a better home for themselves and their kids.


Meghan has written extensive articles and reviews covering motherboards, CPUs, graphic cards, networking, and more for lots of hardware websites. With over 8 years of experience building computers and taking them apart, she's extremely knowledgeable about past and current computer hardware. Besides building and taking apart computers with her own hands, she's written how-to-guides, been doing remote control access to help others for years, and writes manuals to help others learn how to fix computer hardware issues as a ghost writer.


Meghan has written extensively in the areas of business and management. The topics covered have consisted of home-based business, online business, skills and training, business financing, and other topics.


With over 8 years of computer experience and extensive knowledge, Meghan loves writing software reviews. From computer games and business management software, to virus removal software, music software, design software, and much more.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Web Page500+
  • Blog Post500+
  • Advertisement500+

Summary of Product Experience


Meghan has written over 1500 articles on a wide variety of topics. Her articles are typically informational and educational in nature. Although she's written on hundreds of topics and thousands of subtopics, some of her favorite topics include computers, Internet, business, home improvement, living green, diet, marketing, software reviews, technology, and home and family.

Web Page

As an avid writer and blogger, Meghan has written extensively for various web pages, covering a wide variety of topics. Meghan understands the importance of search engine optimization techniques.

Blog Post

Meghan is skilled at writing short, yet detailed blogs. Her blog posts range between current trends, how-tos, DIY, and informational pieces.


Meghan has been in advertising for the last 4 years. She started creating website banners on Photoshop, then moved to creating Facebook Pages for companies, and now does both of those while also writing advertising content. She is proficient in SEO writing, online advertising, and video advertising.

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