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Maureen has worked both in higher education sustainability and stream restoration. She has been freelance writing since 2013 for a number of green and science related websites. She has been a leader in her in her industry locally, advancing the sustainability movement. Maureen is a savvy technical writer with extensive writing experience.


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Ma W's Government Industry Experience

30 Projects Completed

Maureen worked at a stream restoration non profit for nearly a decade, managing and writing grants, many for state, local and federal grants. All of these grants required multiple grant reports that Maureen authored.

Industry Projects

  • Non Profit500+
  • Education50+
  • Green Living20+
  • Government20+
  • Science10+
  • Outdoor/Recreation5
  • Green Services5
  • Garden3
  • Kids/Family1

Summary of Industry Experience

Non Profit

Maureen worked in the non profit field for nearly a decade, leading a rural community to restore their heavily polluted stream. She was the lead writer for the non profit and wrote over 20 successful grants, every press release the group sent out, all website content, all pamphlets, newsletters, membership renewal letters and so forth. (This number of paid projects is an estimate and may even be low!)


Maureen worked for a community college in their sustainability department for about two years writing up case studies, technical reports, press releases, grant applications and so forth. She was the go-to writer of the department. She also taught a week long summer camp class on "Ohio Animals."

Green Living

Maureen has been writing for the green industry for twelve years. Recently, she has been writing Green Living articles for an website focusing on place based writing. She also wrote all "focus area" content for the Stark SCENES site, a website focused on the sustainability of Stark County.


Maureen worked at a stream restoration non profit for nearly a decade, managing and writing grants, many for state, local and federal grants. All of these grants required multiple grant reports that Maureen authored.


Maureen has been writing for the science and environmental industry for over a decade. She has recently been writing freelance articles for education sites relating to science.


Maureen wrote nearly all "focus areas" content for the Stark SCENES website and most front page story highlights, a site focused on the sustainability of Stark County, Ohio. A number of the pages on Stark SCENES were about the outdoors and recreation.

Green Services

Maureen wrote nearly all content for the Stark SCENES website's "focus areas" and front page stories, including a number of local, green services including green burials, green non profits and so forth,


Maureen is an avid gardener with many gardening family members. She has written a few articles on the subject and hopes to continue branching into the field.


Maureen wrote an article on her own experience with breastfeeding issues for Breastfeeding Today, the leading magazine for nursing mothers.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Newsletter Content100+
  • Web Page50+
  • Press Release20+
  • Grant/Proposal20+
  • Annual Report7
  • Facebook Post5

Summary of Product Experience


Maureen is currently writing freelance for a number of education websites on green topics. She has written over twenty of such articles. She also wrote a great deal of articles for the Stark SCENES website and wrote countless newsletter articles for her former stream restoration non profit and community college sustainability department.

Newsletter Content

Maureen wrote articles for eleven stream restoration project newsletters and four community college sustainability department newsletters.

Web Page

Maureen wrote nearly half of the content on the Stark SCENES website as well as all of the content on the Huff Run website as well as numerous articles through freelance projects.

Press Release

Maureen has worked in the environmental and sustainability industry for twelve years at a stream restoration project, a community college's sustainability department and now as a freelance writer. She wrote each and every press release that the non profit and sustainability department needed and so has extensive experience.


Maureen wrote twenty seven proposals for a stream restoration nonprofit and three for a community college's sustainability department. Twenty of the grants were successful at the non profit and the community college shut down their program before the other three had run their full course.

Annual Report

Maureen started writing annual reports for herself as the Watershed Coordinator of a stream restoration non profit. She realized that her staff, members and partners would all appreciate the information as well and so started formatting into a more reader friendly version.

Facebook Post

Maureen was the co-administrator of a community college's sustainability department's facebook page. She wrote a few full posts but more often contributed partial information for posts.

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