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Before launching a career as a freelance writer, Malcolm worked in two distinct industries: textiles and telecommunications. During those years, he gained practical experience that has proven helpful in his writing endeavors.

Twelve years in textiles provided background in:

*Production process
*Quality Assurance
*Inventory Control
*Purchasing Policies and Procedures

Seventeen years in the teleconferencing branch of telecommunications provided experience with:

*Audio, web, and video conference applications
*Planning large party (50,000 + attendees) events such as quarterly earnings, investment, and press conferences
*Customer Implementation strategies
*Customer Service and Support
*Sales Strategies and Procedures
*Office Management
*Trade Show Setup and Participation

Along with professional experience, Malcolm also knows a great deal about specific health issues. In addition to being a cancer survivor of over two decades, he has also dealt with anxiety and depression. He is also well versed in the use of diet, exercise, and medication in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Personal and corporate finance are two topics that Malcolm knows well. Over the years, he has written copy related to life insurance, portfolio planning, home budgeting, and bankruptcy.


Health topics are important to Malcolm, especially in terms of providing accurate information that actually helps people. In this particular area, he has written about health issues such as diabetes, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, cancer treatments, and a number of alternative medical and general health applications.


Malcolm has written on business topics relevant to businesses of any size. These include subjects that have to do with office management, purchasing protocols, employee management, human resources, and settling workplace disputes.

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