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Sharlee is a teacher very familiar with the rules of written language. She has taught a number of elementary grade levels and has worked with a regional "Teachers' Writing Collaborative" to further master her understanding of written language. Sharlee is resourceful. If she doesn't know, or fully understand a rule, she will always double check before completing any writing task.

Sharlee has been given many leadership roles in her profession. These roles require her written language skills to be distinguished. She frequently communicates with administrative personnel, colleagues, and parents in writing.

As a graduate school student, Sharlee has mastered academic writing. She is furthering her course study in education. She has been asked to write research papers, course materials, and professional development presentations. Her area of study is curriculum and instruction with a specific focus on reform-based mathematics.

Writing is something that Sharlee also enjoys and has successful blogging experience. Her blog addresses body image, healthy living, relationships (specifically marriage and motherhood). She is knowledgeable when it comes to generating traffic to a website and how to successfully capture attention with a title.

Sharlee looks forward to working on writing projects the Writer Access and will strive to constantly improve her writing skills. She will go the extra mile to provide high-quality written work.


education, elementary education, mathematics, Common Core State Standards, educational leadership, curriculum and instruction, blogging, social media


blogging, social media, education, reading, traveling, parenting, birth, natural birth, medicine, home improvement, frugality, relationships


Boise State University

Sharlee studied in the field of education as a generalist. She studied reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. Her studies also included: cultural diversity, psychology, curriculum development, and linguistics.

Boise State University

Sharlee is working on a graduate degree in Curriculum and Instruction. This degree will further develop her leadership skills as well as her ability to research curriculum and align it to standards.


2 Projects Completed

With 7 years of professional teaching experience and over one year of graduate school, Sharlee has worked with writing about education in different settings. The work she is most proud of is sampled below in a research project she completed.


1 Projects Completed

On her personal blog, Sharlee has written about her marriage relationships and insights. She does this in a way that is honest and allows for reader engagement, but also demonstrates thorough understanding of relationship research or observations.


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