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Gary writes articles and web content for the nutrition and supplement industry and currently holds a bachelor's degree in English and a master's degree in Clinical Nutrition. Although he's concentrated on sports supplement writing for the last 10 years, his style and ability are well suited for other writing subjects as well.

His online writing experience includes SEO style content writing with proven success rates, showing consistently high levels of web hits for articles produced for ProSource.net as well as other sites. Additional experience includes catalog and online product descriptions, blog writing, press releases, brochures, content management, research writing and top-notch editing. For over 7 years he also served as technical support for 2 major nutrition supplement companies (online and phone sales).

Gary's writing style is conversational and well-focused with built in "hooks" to reel in your customers. He's easy to work with, and most importantly, has a knack for producing quality copy that truly reflects your message and grabs the readers attention.


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Industry Projects

  • Health1,000+
  • Nutrition1,000+

Summary of Industry Experience


For 3 years Gary worked in-house for Keto Products (a low carb functional foods company). His work involved product ads and health related articles as well as technical support, supplement sales and product analysis.

He currently works as a freelance writer for the health industry.


Gary worked 5 years in house for ProSource Performance Products and other nutrition supplement companies as a freelance writer since 2009. Most of his work for ProSource has involved writing articles for their website and product descriptions for the twice yearly ProSource print and online catalog. Additional in house work for ProSource included nutrition/supplement technical support for phone and internet sales, supplement sales, research and development for new supplements and product analysis.

He currently works as a freelance writer for the nutrition and supplement industries.

Product Projects

  • Product Description1,000+
  • Article100+
  • Advertisement100+
  • Blog Post100+

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Gary has produced many product descriptions for the twice-yearly ProSource catalog. His contribution to the catalog also includes research articles and introductory leadin articles for categories.


Using evidence based research in nutrition and his extensive academic background Gary's produced hundreds of informative articles covering diet, general health and nutritional supplements.


His work includes hundreds of advertisements for the nutrition and supplement industries with a focus on new product roll outs and sales driven informative articles.

Blog Post

He's contributed many blog posts in the nutrition and supplement genres and manages content for his own nutrition blog.

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