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Since 2009, Rhoda has been an accomplished beauty/fashion columnist, covering all aspects of the industry for publications such as Fashion Evolution, The Pretty Year and TypeF, Tyra Banks' beauty repository. She is also adept at entertainment and media reporting. Rhoda holds a BA in creative writing and is also a published fiction author.

In addition, Rhoda is an interior stylist with close to a decade of practical experience in home decor, furniture design, decorating and remodeling. She is currently developing a line of upcycled furniture and home goods.


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Rhoda provides engaging, informative commentary about hair, skin and nail care. She also highlights the scientific findings and technological innovations driving the beauty industry. Her specialties include at-home recipes for facials and exfoliation, hair care for people of color, and organic, eco-friendly products.


Rhoda explores the inner workings of fashion with designer profiles, trade news and personal styling tips. She also covers celebrity fashion faux pas, street style and industry politics.


For various venues, Rhoda acts as a pop culture correspondent, reporting on the latest in entertainment news. She covers red carpet fashion, music reviews and television show recaps. Her work is often humorous yet never cruel, in an attempt to revolutionize the often unsympathetic world of pop culture critique.


As a fiber arts and crafting aficionado, Rhoda has written how-to guides for knitting, crocheting and DIY beauty recipes. She also has experience covering the reconstructed clothing movement ("t-shirt surgery"/"wardrobe remixing") and its effect on the fashion industry for print and digital media.

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Blog Post

Rhoda's effortless and engaging blog posts are proven to increase and maintain readership. She's covered celebrity news and gossip, television show recaps and fashion critiques via this medium, each with an adaptive tone to suit the mood.

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