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Talented, versatile and innovative content strategist proficient in technical communications. Successfully generated over 100 business-related articles such as in finance as well as reviews, tutorials, press releases, medical and cultural pieces, and promotional advertising materials. Successfully edited close to 2,000 articles of informative content featured on Answers.com according to Associated Press Style. More than two years experience creating content for direct response markets and promotional advertising for businesses. Skillfully produced material for Web pages, brochures and newsletters. Enthusiastic customer-oriented writer with tremendous attention to detail.


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  • Hobby100+
  • Marketing50+
  • Food20+
  • Education20+
  • Health10+
  • Web Development10+
  • Finance10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Marissa has extensive experience both writing and editing articles about various hobbies. Most of Marissa's experience editing on this topic was for a question-and-answer website, but now Marissa edits sharebait pieces for other websites as well. Some hobbies Marissa has written about include snorkeling, scuba diving, Scottish rib rides, Chinese dragon boat racing, skateboarding, Minecraft and flying lessons for retirees.


In her lifetime, Marissa has written and edited numerous articles on marketing. What Marissa loves most about marketing is that it is an ever-changing industry. From print, to landing pages, to blogs, to emails, to growth hacking, Marissa stays up-to-date on marketing trends using several tools.


Marissa has written and edited multiple food-related articles. This includes articles about beverages such as wine, ales, lagers and mixed alcoholic drinks. Marissa also has experience writing about delicious gourmet grocery items like Goya Manzanilla Spanish olives. Marissa's attention to detail and highly descriptive writing style makes communicating different flavors and tastes to readers easy.


Marissa R. earned her bachelor of arts degree at Penn State University. She has worked as an algebra tutor, EMT and CPR trainer and writes programming tutorials. Marissa also performed content curation for a blog located on an education website based in Australia. That work included writing about different learning methods such as flipped learning, big-picture learning, blended learning, project-based learning and natural play.


Marissa R. held an NREMT, CPR and ACLS certification since 2009. She has also received HIPAA training and other occupational health care training, such as proper needle procedures. Marissa has hands-on experience providing healthcare to patients in an ER setting as well as training other medical technicians. She has worked with doctors and nurses to complete medical procedures such as initial patient assessments, vital signs, IVs, pelvic exams, EKGs, spinal taps and outdoor surgery. Marissa has used her medical expertise to create informative content about Medicare for retirees.

Web Development

Marissa R. is a technical writer with Web design knowledge such as HTML and CSS. She has written several tutorials on migrating HTML, Joomla, iWeb and PSD Web pages to WordPress for a small start-up business. Currently, Marissa is a member of the Web developer/designer community at TeamTreeHouse. She concentrates on creating tutorials for beginners to Web design.


Marissa has a keen interest in writing about finance. She enjoys staying up-to-date on currency exchange rates, precious metal pricing and retirement investing options like index funds. Marissa has knowledge of the principles of accounting, macro- and micro-economics, and labor economics. Marissa has written on subjects like mortgage refinancing, private equity fund management and silver coin investment in the past.

Product Projects

  • Article100+

Summary of Product Experience


Marissa R. has ample experience crafting creative copy for digital and direct marketing. She has written on technical topics and used industrial and organizational knowledge to develop ideas. Marissa possess strong written and spoken English skills, and she can create ideas independently.

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